Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia Releases Sept 23 on Quest, PSVR & PC VR

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During the all-digital version of Gamescom 2021, indie studio ROTU announced that its upcoming single-player puzzle-adventure Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia is releasing on all major VR headsets in September.

It’s been nearly a year since we last saw Ionia’s teasers and free demo on Steam, which serves up a lush environment that Boston-based studio Rotu says will “push the limits of PC VR.”

Now Rotu announced that Ionia is launching on September 23rd and will support Oculus Quest, PSVR, and PC VR headsets via Steam and Viveport.

Ionia brings the player to a magical forest filled with music-inspired creatures and puzzles. A mythical creature called ‘The Harpa’ is being threatened by an invading army, and you have to use the power of music to stop the destruction of its habitat. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

Founded in 2012 as an entertainment and media company focusing on music and storytelling, Ionia will be Rotu’s first game for consumers as well as the first in what promises to be a continued Rhythm of the Universe series of VR titles. Rotu counts among its team development talent previously of Valve and Capcom, and from VR titles such as Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades and République.

Rotu says Ionia is “centered around the unique perspective of music, mythology, and history. The game brings awareness to environmental issues and is partnering with nonprofits in order to support and facilitate animal habitat destruction.”

To boot, the studio says it’s supporting the nonprofit charity Wildlife Warriors USA Inc. dedicated to conservationist mission set out by the late Steve Erwin. Rotu is donating 5% of its gross proceeds to Wildlife Warriors USA for every purchase of Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia through their respective US-facing app stores.

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