Iron Man VR Likely to Get a PSVR Demo Ahead of July Release Date

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Iron Man VR on PSVR was delayed several times earlier this year, but last week the game finally got a firm release date of July 3rd, 2020. There is also likely to be an Iron Man VR demo released ahead of the game’s launch.

Back in March, Gematsu reported on an Iron Man VR Demo – Demo listing that appeared in the PlayStation Store. The game’s developer hadn’t confirmed the existence of such a demo, and when the game was met with an “indefinite delay” earlier this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it wasn’t clear if the demo would ever see the light of day.

Shortly after a new July 3rd release date was confirmed, Gematsu today spotted that the unreleased Iron Man VR Demo – Demo listing got an update, and can now be found in the Asia, Japan, US, and Europe regions of the PlayStation Store.

The 7.8GB package can’t be accessed publicly yet, but the recent update suggests it’s being finalized in preparation for an eventual release.

We went to do some digging on our own and found some additional evidence that the Iron Man VR demo will likely get released. Although the official US page for Iron Man VR doesn’t appear to have any mention of a demo for the game, text in the website’s source code meant for search engines references its existence: “Explore Marvel’s Iron Man VR game detail, demo, images, videos, reviews.”

Again, we don’t have an official announcement of an Iron Man VR demo yet, but it seems quite likely that we’ll get one either ahead of the game’s launch or right around release. And while we can’t be sure what the demo will contain, we’d venture to guess that it could be a similar cut of the game that we saw in a press preview last year. In that impressive demo we got to see a tutorial for the game’s innovative flight mechanics and got to save someone from a crashing plane.

Iron Man VR is set for a release date on July 3rd, 2020 and is available for pre-order; the game’s standard edition will cost $40. The title is being developed by Camouflaj and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment as a PlayStation VR exclusive.

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