Humble VR Bundle Clears $1M In Payments For Incredible Games Deal

The Humble VR Bundle cleared $1 million in payments for its incredible packages of games.

Several days remain to buy the game bundles which unlock at three tiers. The least expensive starts at $1 and includes Smashbox Arena and Cosmic Trip. Things start to get interesting if you pay more than $14.28 to add Gorn, Budget Cuts, and Space Pirate Trainer. Exceed $15, though, and you also add Superhot VR and Moss.

The bundle represents an incredible savings on a number of great games and, as of this writing, more than 70,000 bundle purchases have been made. The bundles also cleared $1 million in total payments, according to the Humble Bundle site. Soundtracks for some of the games are also included as a bonus.

When you make a Humble VR Bundle purchase you can choose how to distribute the funds to publishers and a charity of your choice. The games are delivered as Steam keys which makes it very easy to distribute any of the ones you already own to other people. After all, some people are likely to be getting into PC VR for the first with the March 23 release of Half-Life: Alyx and they’ll be looking for more games to play afterward. The titles in this bundle represent a fantastic introduction to several genres. We know a lot of VR gamers already have some of these games so, in addition to donating to a charity and supporting development, you could also help introduce new headset owners to some games they might have missed in the first few years of consumer VR.

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