Hack & Slash Rogue-lite 'Until You Fall' to Leave Early Access on PC This Month – Road to VR

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Until You Fall (2020), the VR sword fighting game from Schell Games, is officially coming out of Early Access on PC later this month.

The hack and slash rogue-lite just launched its 1.0 version on PSVR and Oculus Quest in late September, bringing its fun and lively sword fighting to those platforms for the first time.

The 1.0 version of the game will be available through both Steam and the Oculus Store for Rift starting October 27th, priced at $25. With its launch out of Early Access on PC imminent, the studio is currently holding an open beta testing for SteamVR headsets.

Until You Fall is, in few words, a great game. In our review of the game on Quest, Road to VR’s Ben Lang said that although the game is a rogue-lite, and there’s fundamentally no compelling world, characters, or story to unravel, that “challenging combat and the allure of enhancing your weapons or experimenting with new ones will make you want to play ‘just one more run’ over and over.”

Here’s a bit from Ben’s review explaining some of the game’s unique combat mechanics:

Until You Fall’s combat is wholly dictated by the ‘shield’ meter of each enemy, which must be broken before you can begin slashing away at their health bar. Shield damage is dealt both by hitting enemies and blocking their attacks. Since they can attack you at any time while their shield is up, you can get a few hits in here and there but you’ll largely be on the defensive until their shield is down. Once their shield is broken it’s your turn to dish out big damage by swinging in the indicated direction to chain together several devastating hits. Some enemies will die after just one combo set, but others will need their shields taken down multiple times before they fall—until you become more powerful, that is.

Check out why we gave it a respectable [8/10] in our full review on Quest to learn more.

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