Animated Custom Quest Home Flies Through The Star Wars Trench Run

A new animated custom Oculus Quest home environment puts you right at the center of the action in a recreation of the iconic Death Star trench run from the climax of the original Star Wars movie. Be warned through — the speed of the animation can make for quite a nauseating home environment.

Late last year, Facebook started to roll out the ability to change between 3 home environments on the Oculus Quest. Users, however, recently started to create their own custom home environments which can be installed through a process that replaces the two new environments. Most of these custom environments can be downloaded from a community Discord server, and we previously covered some of the cooler ones we found, including the Simpsons’ living room, the Game of Thrones throne room and Rick and Morty’s garage.

This new Star Wars trench run is unique because it is fully animated and the environment around you is constantly moving. You stand on a spaceship flying down the trenches of the Death Star while TIE Fighters pursue you from behind. There’s a slow and a fast version of the environment, the former of which moves incredibly fast and also does barrel rolls at select intervals.

While it’s quite amazing to try out, I can’t see anyone using this environment consistently as their new default, as it can be incredibly nauseating. Even the slower speed, which also removes the dramatic barrel rolls, could still be quite nauseating to have as your default home environment, depending on the user. That being said, it’s still cool that custom environments are getting more complex and are able to incorporate animations now as well.

If you want to try the environment out for yourself and read about how to install custom Oculus Quest home environments, check out our how to guide here.

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