YouPorn launches ‘TikTok-inspired’ video app that learns when you swipe

YouPorn is launching what it calls a “TikTok-inspired” web app that uses machine learning (ML) to learn and adapt to each user’s viewing preferences. TikTok, for the uninitiated, is a video-focused social network operated by China’s ByteDance, and became one of the top 10 most downloaded apps of the past decade.

Los Angeles-headquartered YouPorn — owned by MindGeek, which operates myriad related sites including Pornhub — is one of the most popular pornography websites in the world, and is among the most visited websites overall with a current Alexa ranking of 287. With YouPorn Swyp, the adult entertainment giant is introducing a new mobile-focused format for discovering content that has been personalized based on the user’s scrolling and swiping activity. If the user skips a video, YouPorn takes this as a cue that the type of content wasn’t to their liking, whereas if they elect to watch the full content this is used as a signal for future recommendations.

Users swipe up and down to view previews, and then swipe left to watch the full video. Moreover, all videos — both in preview and full-view mode — play automatically, negating the need to click on play buttons. This is very much in line with how people typically consume videos online these days — it’s all about removing friction and increasing engagement.

“Swyp was designed to be an easier, more visually enticing way to watch porn and discover new content,” noted YouPorn VP Charlie Hughes.

Above: YouPorn Swyp is for the TikTok generation

Last February, YouPorn launched progressive web apps, circumventing strict app store rules to make it easier for users to enjoy a native app-like experience on mobile. Swyp also benefits from this, meaning that users can easily create a home screen icon on their iOS or Android device, and experience faster loading times compared to a standard mobile website.

Both YouPorn and Pornhub are no strangers to leveraging AI and ML techniques. Back in 2018, YouPorn launched personalized weekly video playlists powered by ML, while Pornhub uses computer vision to identify porn stars and automate the content tagging process.

“At YouPorn, we are always trying to help our users discover their ideal adult entertainment experience,” Hughes said. “That is why we leverage more categories and are the first to deliver machine learning recommendations across all areas of the site. Now with the addition of YouPorn Swyp, it is easier than ever for users to explore content based on their specific interests, thus always improving the recommendations within Swyp itself and everywhere on our site.”

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