Analogue's Amazing Nt Mini Is Back For One Last Time

One of the best systems to play original NES and Famicom games, the Analogue Nt Mini, is having a final run of production, and pre-orders are now open.

The custom hardware from Analogue ships in a nice noir color scheme, and includes a 2.4g 8BitDo N30 NES wireless controller. The entire bundle isn’t cheap though–for the fanciest third-party NES, you’ll need to fork out $500 for the pleasure.

That likely won’t be an issue for the enthusiasts this is made for, especially considering how great the console really is. In our original review of the Analogue Nt Mini, critic Peter Brown praised Analogue’s commitment to providing an experience with no compromises.

“Analogue has outdone itself, setting a new standard for retro gaming hardware,” he wrote. “Its price tag will no doubt scare off some potential customers, but if you’re looking for a way to play NES games on your monitor of choice–without compromises–look no further than the Nt Mini.”

You can place an order for the Nt Mini via Analogue’s official website, where you can also grab additional controllers for $25 a piece. It’s expected to ship in July later this year.

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