Amazing Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking Demos Show Yo-Yos & Nightmares

Yet more amazing Oculus Quest hand-tracking demos have surfaced online over the past week.

Last week we covered a bunch of new demos from developer Daniel Beauchamp, who showcased Quest hand-tracking used for finger skating and more. Since then, Beauchamp revealed two more impressive videos. The first is for this VR yo-yo demo:

Spent too long thinking whether I could.
Didn’t stop to think whether I should.

Yo-yo VR.

— Daniel Beauchamp (@pushmatrix) February 20, 2020

As you can see the string of the yo-yo is attached to the user’s virtual finger, allowing them to perform realistic tricks and get tangled up. Even without the weight of a yo-yo in-hand, this looks like it would be more intuitive than doing the same actions with a Touch controller.

Next up is this decidedly freakier demo, in which the tips of each finger are replaced with… smaller hands mirroring the same movements.

This is getting out of hand.

— Daniel Beauchamp (@pushmatrix) February 24, 2020

It reminds us of a scene from the Dr. Strange movie. Extending all of the fingers creates a strange and somewhat disgusting pattern. Honestly, we’re kind of glad we haven’t seen this one in VR ourselves; we’re not sure we’d be able to sleep afterwards.

We’re not just talking new demos from Beauchamp this time around, though. Holoception creator Dennys Kuhnert also revealed a pretty incredible demo this week, which looks a little like a Quest version of the Aperture Hand Lab demo for the Valve Index controllers.

Hand-to-Hand physical interactions on #OculusQuest ?

— Dennys Kuhnert | Acetylan (@DennysKuhnert) February 25, 2020

It’s a pretty amazing bit of work; by mirroring the user’s arm movements and adding in physics, the user is able to shake hands with their virtual doppleganger and even play a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Facebook still hasn’t opened up hand-tracking for release in apps in the Oculus Store, but there are plenty of interesting games that utilize the feature over on SideQuest. We’ll keep covering any cool Quest hand-tracking demos we find, so check back!

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