Magic: The Gathering Prints Card With "Death Corona" In Title, Changing It To "Void Invader"

Wizards of the Coast may have accidentally printed a card that references the word “corona” in their upcoming Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths set. And worse, that card might have been Spacegodzilla.

So we’ve got a lot to unpack here, and we’re going to start with the set arriving in Magic: The Gathering. It’s called Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, and like many previous Magic sets, it’s going to focus on big scary monsters. In the case of Ikoria, those monsters are going to be very kaiju-focused as Wizards has tapped Toho Studios to get the rights to Godzilla.

Yes, you read that right: Godzilla is going to be on a Magic card.

Actually, there will be several Godzillas on several Magic cards. One of those cards is SpaceGodzilla, which is actually a clone of regular Godzilla that arrived from space (hence the name) Although SpaceGodzilla and 16 other cards will have their own special art, they’ll actually be special promo prints of beasts that already exist in Ikoria.

In SpaceGodzilla’s case, he’s actually a promo version of Void Beckoner called “Spacegodzilla, Void Invader.” Although, that’s not what he was called initially.

According to DailyMTG editor-in-chief Blake Rasmussen, “Spacegodzilla, Void Invader” used to be called “Spacegodzilla, Death Corona.” The name was decided months before the coronavirus pandemic and is actually a reference to SpaceGodzilla’s special attack, Corona Beam–both of which seem to have very unfortunate names in the current era.

Realizing how horrible it would mean to even mention the word “corona” after thousands, perhaps even millions of people are expected to die in the coronavirus pandemic, Wizards of the Coast changed the name to be something slightly less offensive. They even made a special statement about it on Thursday.

However, the first printings of Ikoria have already gone through, which means there are a certain number of Spacegodzilla, Death Coronas already sitting in unopened packs. There’s nothing that can be done to change them now, and all WotC can do is change the name in future printings and in the online Magic Arena.

For anyone lucky enough to have pre-ordered some packs, you might pull yourself a copy of Spacegodzilla, Death Corona, a card that will be extremely rare and thus extremely valuable to collectors (as noted by certain Redditors).

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Magic: The Gathering Arena experiences connectivity issues

MTG Arena team continues to investigate server issues.

Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTG Arena) experienced connection errors and outages throughout the afternoon of March 25, 2020, leading to unscheduled downtime for nearly an hour.

The MTG Arena Twitter first acknowledged issues around 3 PM CT, citing player reports of error messages upon log in, with some players losing connection mid game. 

Shortly after the initial Tweet, logins were disabled around 5 PM CT while the MTG Arena team continued their investigation into the connectivity problems. After problems continued to persist, the game was taken offline for nearly an hour before being brought back around 6:20 PM CT.

According to the incident report, “We are bringing MTG Arena back online, however we’re continuing to monitor the situation to ensure our systems have stabilized. Maintenance is on-going.”

In response to the latest incident report, many players continue to report log in and connectivity issues. Hopefully the MTG Arena team will be able to fix these issues shortly.

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Magic: The Gathering bans cards in Historic, Modern, Brawl, and Legacy

Magic: The Gathering banned several cards across multiple formats in the official Banned and Restricted announcement this morning. 

Wizards of the Coast revealed last week that a Banned and Restricted announcement was taking place today. But players weren’t expecting the number of bans that were revealed or how many formats it’d effect. 

  • Brawl: Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
  • Historic: Once Upon a Time, Oko, Thief of Crowns, and Veil of Summer
  • Legacy: Underworld Breach
  • Modern: Once Upon a Time

In the MTG Arena Historic format, Once Upon a Time, Oko, Thief of Crowns, and Veil of Summer were moved from suspended to permanently banned. 

Field of the Dead was also on the suspended list but has been taken off and made playable again. WotC said that cards such as Goblin Ruinblaster and Ghost Quarter provide additional answers to the detrimental land, along with other synergies that will evolve with the arrival of the 25 new cards in Historic Anthology 2 on March 12.

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Magic: The Gathering fetchlands will get reprinted

Senior Magic: The Gathering designer Gavin Verhey confirmed last night that fetchlands will be reprinted.

Verhey was challenged yesterday by a Reddit user who said they’d donate $100 to charity if the designer answered his question regarding the reprinting of fetchlands in Magic. Accepting the challenge, Verhey responded and essentially confirmed that WotC will at some point reprint fetchlands. 

“Like everything we do, things take time to create,” Verhey said. “A long time—our sets and products are built on the scale of years. And that means it can take a while for things to show up. Do we plan to reprint the fetchlands (or Oracle of Mul Daya, or Force of Will, or Mana Drain, or Jace, or…)? Absolutely. I can pretty much guarantee you that they will show up somewhere along the line.”

Verhey also acknowledged that the design team is aware of how fetchlands will improve play in Commander and Eternal formats for players. 

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