Everything Rumored To Be Coming To Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The PlayStation 4’s time as Sony’s newest console is coming to an end. By the end of 2020, providing everything goes to plan, the PlayStation 5 will have been released and our PS4’s will be left to collect dust until they become cool again in about 20 years. As for what the PS4 will be remembered for, well, a lot of things. It has become the second best-selling PlayStation of all time, and released a number of exclusives that will stand the test of the time.

The most popular of those exclusives was arguably Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game not only capitalized on the popularity of the MCU, but provided something that would have been worthy of being a chapter within it. The story was terrific, and fans of the game have been clamoring for info on a potential sequel ever since they reached the end of the original. There are a lot of rumors out there, all of which are detailed below, and if even half of them come true it will make for quite the follow-up.

When Will We Get More Spidey?

Since the arrival of the PS5 is fast approaching, chances are anyone hoping Spider-Man 2 will be here in time for a PS4 release will be bitterly disappointed. Even if some titles are released across both consoles during the transition period between the two, rumor has it a Spidey sequel won’t be here until the end of 2021. However, confirmation that the game is happening is expected to be announced this summer. That will certainly drive up sales of the PS5 a few months later if true.

Six Months Later…

Anyone who hasn’t yet played Spider-Man, or is yet to reach the end, might want to look away now as major spoilers lay dead ahead. The sequel is rumored to take place six months after the end of the first game. Peter still isn’t over the death of Aunt May, understandably, and is living with Mary Jane. Miles Morales will also return, and be a playable character a lot more often than he was in the original game. The map is also rumored to be getting bigger via the additions of Queens and Brooklyn.

As for the villains, there were also clues as to who will enter this particular universe next at the end of the first game. It seems a given that Harry Osborn will become Venom. However, it’s unclear whether he will be an enemy or an ally of the web-slinger. There’s no ambiguity when it comes to the other two baddies rumored to be coming to Spider-Man 2, Carnage and Mysterio. Mysterio was the primary antagonist in Far From Home, and Carnage will play the same role in Venom 2, so it makes sense to introduce them to the gaming world while they are fresh in the memories of theater-goers.

Spider-Man Works Alone

One of the elements Spider-Man was applauded for most was its developers refusal to buckle to what have become video game norms in recent years. No battle royale mode, no co-op, no online elements at all. Just a single player game with a terrific story, just like the good old days. If the rumors are true, the sequel will be sticking to that mantra. Why fix what isn’t broken, right? A co-op mode that requires both players to be in the same room, one as Spidey and one as Venom, wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world, but a lack of it wouldn’t be the end of the world either.

All of the above would potentially make Spider-Man 2 better than its predecessor. However, it is all rumor and innuendo at this point. Nothing has been confirmed by Sony or Activision, but hopefully that will change this summer. In the mean time, anyone hungry for some more Marvel-based gaming just needs to sit tight and wait for the release of Marvel’s Avengers.

Now, if only the release date hadn’t been delayed.

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Red XIII Will Still Be A Vital Character In Final Fantasy VII Remake (Even Though He’s Not Playable)

Red XIII might have lost his status as a playable character in Final Fantasy VII Remake, but he will still play a vital role in the game as an ally to the party.

In Final Fantasy VII, the player encounters Red XIII in the Shinra Headquarters, where they free him from his imprisonment at the hands of Hojo. Red XIII joins the party and remains with the group until the end of the game, helping them in their fight against the Shinra Corporation and Sephiroth. Final Fantasy VII Remake only covers the Midgar portion of the original game and the developers decided that Red XIII should only be an NPC ally of the party instead of a playable character, as he doesn’t join the group until near the end of the game.

Red XIII might not be playable in Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it will just be the first entry in the series. Assuming that the second Final Fantasy VII Remake picks up from when the party leaves Midgar, then Red XIII should become a playable character for the remainder of the series.

We still don’t know how much of the remaining story the other Final Fantasy VII Remake games will cover, so it’s possible that other characters will suffer the same temporary demotion to NPC status as Red XIII. In the end, all of the characters should return as party members by the end of the series, even if the fans have to wait a while to see all of the members of AVALANCHE fighting side-by-side once more.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone – The Best Ways To Spend Your Cash

With up to 149 enemies on the same map, Call of Duty: Warzone players must play nearly flawless in order to be the last man, or team, standing. Learning the best ways to use your cash can be the difference between an epic victory and a shameful 30th place finish.

Warzone launched less than two weeks ago, so YouTube has been filling up with guides and how-to tutorials on the best way to win games while getting as many kills as possible. With over 6 million players on the first day, there are also plenty of people looking to be the best and dominate the game so that they can brag to their friends and colleagues. There is one game mechanic that has been mentioned quite frequently, but still does not receive the proper focus that it should. That mechanic is cash.

Cash is by far the most important game mechanic in Warzone. Since it is fairly unique to this battle royale, the majority of players do not understand how to properly utilize it to aid them towards a win. Before breaking down how players should spend their cash, let us first talk about the best ways to earn it.

Complete as many contracts as humanly possible

Contracts can be broken down into either recon missions, bounty missions, or scavenger missions. The easiest of the three is the scavenger mission. By completing these, not only will the player be guided to unlooted locations with unopened chests, but they will also receive cash for completion. Scavenger missions do not require confrontation with enemies and will give players the ability to quickly rack up the cash they need to start spending towards their victory.

Priority 1: Loadout Drop Marker ($6,000)

Although the most expensive, Loadout Drop Markers are by far the most important. Some can drop randomly throughout the game and if one happens to fall in front of the player,  that person should make use of the free gift. However, if one is not so lucky, then the team should pool together their cash to buy this as soon as possible. Loadout Drop Markers reward the player with not only preset weapons but also with perks, which can garner the player a massive advantage during gunfights. Even if the player is already happy with their weapons, they should still buy and use these drops to gain the perks anyway. The player can always pick back up their weapons after.

Priority 2: Armor Plate Bundle ($1,500)

Armor is an absolute must in this game, and thankfully, it is also the cheapest item available at the buy stations. If a player wants to win, they are going to eventually have to engage in gunfights against other teams, and if they are unarmored, they are dead before the fight even begins. If a player is unable to find armor plates while looting, they need to make sure that they are fully stocked and armored up while moving between zones, or sadly, they won’t stand a chance.

Priority 3: Self-Revive Kit ($4,500)

In the event that a teammate goes down, it can be really tough to venture out and revive them. With how common sniper rifles are used, especially snipers with thermal scopes, it is so important to have a Self-Revive Kit. This comes at priority number 3 instead of 1, however, because the crawling animation is quite quick in Call of Duty: Warzone, which gives the player a good chance of getting away if they have been sniped from a long distance. However, this should be prioritized if the end-game zone is in an area with a lot of buildings, it can be easy to slip inside and revive quickly, armor up from the player’s full stock, and quickly be back in the fight without ever putting their team at risk.

Priority 4: UAV ($4,000)

Every Call of Duty player knows about UAVs, considering they have been a staple of the multiplayer in this franchise since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In a 150 person battle royale in which players can come from all different directions, often at the same time, having a good idea of where to look and who is near can be game changing. The best way to use UAVs is to have two players carry UAVs, while the other carries a Precision Airstrike.

Priority 5: Precision Airstrike ($3,500)

Rooftops are absolutely deadly. If the end zone is in a city or an area with high rise buildings, moving on the ground is rendered nearly impossible. In order to get those players either off of the rooftop, or better yet kill them, precision airstrikes can come in handy. Simply aim at the building and those players will receive a notification that a precision airstrike is coming. If you happen to be lucky, or skilled, enough to down at least one player on a rooftop, a precision airstrike can serve as a great way to finish him, or her, off.

There are several different ways a player can make and spend their cash, but one thing remains true: treat your cash like a winning lottery ticket because it is your ticket to finally achieving the victory that you have been grinding for. Learning to spend it and spend it wisely will put you one step closer to tasting that sweet, sweet victory.

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PS5 will be backwards compatible with top 100 PS4 games at launch

Sony is going all in when it comes to backwards compatibility, with a promise that top games like GTA 5 and Fortnite will work from day one.

The PlayStation 5 presentation on Wednesday may have been a lot more techy than some people were expecting but it did offer some important nuggets of information, especially with regards to backwards compatibility.

That’s a subject Sony has never been very keen on before, but after Microsoft turned it into a must-have feature they promised that the PlayStation 5 would be able to run PlayStation 4 games, at least eventually.

This week was the first time they went into any detail, with system architect Mark Cerny stating that the top 100 PlayStation 4 games, ranked by playtime, should all be compatible at launch.

Top 10 PS4 games by play time

We’re not sure that list has ever been made public, but this is probably it or something close to it, with the short story being that Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and FIFA are all well covered.

That’s still less backwards compatible titles than the Xbox One, but that started off slow and added new games over time, so this would be getting off to a faster start – although it may still be beaten by the Xbox Series X.

Cerny went into a little more detail on the process, praising chip manufacturer AMD and revealing that backwards compatibility had been designated a priority throughout the design process of the PlayStation 5.

‘Running PS4 titles at boosted frequencies has also added complexity’, said Cerny. ‘The boost is truly massive this time around and some game code just can’t handle it. Testing has to be done on a title by title basis.’

The last bit about testing suggests that the games aren’t just being thrown out there and that there shouldn’t be too many glitches or problems, as has happened with backwards compatibility in the past.


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E3 2020 Set to be Cancelled Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak continues to throw planned events into chaos, and it seems this year’s E3 may be next.

According to tech site ArsTechnica, multiple sources familiar with the organization responsible for E3, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), suggest it will soon cancel the three-day event, citing COVID-19 as a cause. It’s a rumor that has been building in recent weeks, as events around the world have faced disruption from the virus’s spread, but it now appears to have come true.

There’s no comment yet from the ESA, but it did update advice on the E3 show regarding the spread of COVID-19 earlier this month. That update noted that the ESA “continues to plan for a safe and successful E3 show”, and is evaluating the situation daily.

Although yet to be officially confirmed, some developers are reacting on social media as if the decision is rubber-stamped. Devolver Digital, an attendee for the last three E3s, tweeted the following, ahead of this morning’s reports:

Cancel your E3 flights and hotels, y’all.

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) March 11, 2020

E3 2020 was already troubled. Set to take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 9-11, the show was having to deal with Sony’s absence. Sony had already skipped out on 2019’s E3, but missing 2020’s event was a more substantial blow. E3 could have expected a lot of interest from the debuting PlayStation 5, which it would miss out on with the brand’s absence.

It’s no secret that E3 hasn’t been in the best shape over the past several years. Several major video game publishers have bowed out to host their own events alongside it. If, like the Geneva Motor Show’s cancellation earlier in the month, exhibitors see value in digital-only presentations, it could be the death knell for the show.

The event’s cancellation might also put a spanner in the works of Microsoft’s plans. Sony’s absence — and the PlayStation 5’s invisibility to date — meant that the Xbox Series X would have been the star of the show, and a first opportunity for many to see the console in the flesh.

With that no longer being the case, and coronavirus also looking to cause supply chain and manufacture issues along with shuttering large gatherings, the 2020 console launch schedule is very much up in the air.

We’ll bring you more information on this as and when it occurs. E3 is expected to make an announcement on its 2020 show at 0930 PDT (1630 UTC).

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Tyler1 Claims To Be The Real Draven In Cosplay At LCS

During a Twitch broadcast of the 2020 League Championship Series, commentators for the event cut to Tyler1 decked out in full Draven cosplay. The energetic League of Legends streamer claimed to be the real Draven, challenging a digitized rendering of the character that was standing right beside him.

When the cameras switched over to the Twitch personality, he confidently stated, “you know who to vote for” as he twirled his axes around. Hilariously, the chat overwhelmingly favored Tyler1 over the actual League champion.

This isn’t the first time Tyler1 has cosplayed as his favorite champion either, making a glorious return to the game after some time away due to a ban issued by Riot Games. When he came back, he made a pretty big statement in the likeness of the Glorious Executioner, Draven.

In the past, Tyler1 has claimed that he and Draven are essentially one in the same – committing to a level of character immersion that only Esfand and his Retribution Paladin could challenge. The streamer isn’t afraid to go deep into the minds of the characters he plays, also cosplaying as Kratos from the God of War series.

Needless to say, Tyler1’s commitment to entertainment and energy has never been lacking. The fact that tournament organizers have taken the streamer’s antics in stride makes it all the more amusing.

As for the tournament itself, ten teams have been competing in a round-robin style bracket, organized by week. This broadcast covered week 7 of the tournament, with only 2 more weeks remaining before the top 6 playoff teams are decided.

Despite Counter-Logic Gaming’s current standing in 10th/last place, they came up big against Team Liquid this week. CLG’s “Pobelter” walked away with the play of the day by clutching an impressive triple kill while playing as Syndra.

Tyler1 doesn’t just do a mean cosplay of Draven, he also claims to be the “#1 Draven world.” He’s shown that he isn’t all talk either, having achieved some decent results in past Twitch Rivals tournaments. However, most fans consider him to be a Dr Disrespect equivalent to the League world. Either way, the streamer knows how to cosplay.

Sources: Twitch, YouTube

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ApEX says he'll be Vitality's captain following ALEX's departure

Vitality’s entry fragger Dan “apEX” Madesclaire has taken over the in-game leadership role on the CS:GO team, he announced today.

The captain’s role became vacant when Vitality confirmed ALEX’s departure yesterday. The former in-game leader decided to leave on his own terms since he’s tired from the constant travel of the competitive calendar. The French organization signed 17-year-old Kévin “Misutaaa” Rabier to be its fifth CS:GO player today.

ApEX made a TwitLonger post today called “the past and the future,” in which he says that he’s been thinking about becoming an in-game leader for some time. The 27-year-old has been Vitality’s secondary shot caller since NBK- was benched in September 2019 after the StarLadder Berlin Major.

The past and the future

Read: https://t.co/JIdOoBDdCw

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Valorant beta will not be releasing in a few days, despite what sources say

Riot Games’ newest FPS title Valorant has caused quite the stir in the gaming community. With many fans and professional gamers gnawing at the bit to get a chance to play, it seems Riot has a hit on its hands before the game has even released. With so much anticipation for Valorant though, fans are asking when the beta will launch. It’s been confirmed the new FPS will feature a beta, but it was rumored that it would take place in the summer of 2020. However, this timeline was seemingly sped up recently when one source, Eurogamer, claimed the Valorant beta would arrive in “the next few days.”

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          When is the Valorant beta really releasing?

          Although Eurogamer is fairly reliable, they were wrong on this occasion. Their article featuring the mistake has been updated to display the correct information, but for a while, the community was abuzz with excitement.

          After all, Riot just released gameplay for Valorant yesterday, so a beta this early was music to fans’ ears. However, according to inside sources and Riot itself, the beta will not be releasing anytime soon. Rod “Slasher” Breslau, an esports insider, confirms this further for us.

          this is incorrect

          The developers even canceled their content creator event due to the coronavirus outbreak, which most likely puts a delay on the beta. Riot Games presumably wanted professionals to play the game and give feedback before they released Valorant to the public.

          So, in terms of a date for the beta, that’s still up in the air as of right now. It’s probably still going to release in the summer of this year, but we’re not sure of the exact month. However, if the content creator event goes well, whenever it takes place, perhaps Riot could speed up the beta’s release.

          Are you excited for the new FPS? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Valorant news.

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      • Five Reasons To Be Hyped For The Resident Evil 3 Remake

        If you loved being terrified by Mr. X in the Resident Evil 2 remake last year and you’re looking for another pulse-pounding experience, then you’re in luck. Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake takes the ideas that worked well in last year’s game and applies them to the next numbered entry in the series. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t be afraid to pick up a controller when Resident Evil 3 releases on April 3. 

        The Updated Visual Style Is Great

        Since Resident Evil 3 has been completely remade for modern consoles, it should look better than the original. However, Capcom has also taken this opportunity to revisit everything from character designs to environmental art. Capcom has given both Jill and Carlos modern makeovers that feel more realistic. Raccoon City has also been remodeled and is now a sprawling metropolis. Not only will fans see new areas that that weren’t in the original game, but old areas have a much greater degree of detail. The streets shine after evening rain and broken store windows reflect nearby neon street signs. 

        This Is More Than A Remake

        If you played both versions of Resident Evil 2 then you probably know what to expect with one of Capcom’s RE remakes. This version of Resident Evil 3 is more than a visual overhaul. In fact, Capcom has started using the word “reimagining” to describe its approach to design. The layout of the entire game has been redone. The original Resident Evil 3 was a bit linear when compared to previous entries in the series, but this remake has expanded on the original’s environments, giving players a lot of reason to explore and slowly open up new places in traditional Resident Evil fashion. Another good example of how the game is updated is RE 3’s puzzles, which are completely new. Capcom asked us not to explain these puzzles in detail, but based on what we saw, the new puzzles are much more realistic but still offer a good change of pace from the tense action that happens on the zombie-packed streets. 

        The Dodge Works … And Is A Big Deal

        Capcom has called Resident Evil 3 a more action-focused game, but this is still a survival horror experience that will force you to thoughtfully manage your supplies. Thankfully, Jill has a new trick up her sleeve that might make your battle against the undead a little easier. Instead of using defensive weapons to prevent zombie bites, Jill can dodge out of the way of an attack at the last minute. If timed correctly, Jill can sidestep the attack and then slow time, allowing her to quickly squeeze off a few retaliation shots on her attacker’s head. 

        The Nemesis Is Terrifying

        Mr. X was the breakout star in Resident Evil 2, but Resident Evil 3 has a stalking tyrant of its own, and his name is Nemesis. Much like Mr. X, the Nemesis will relentlessly chase Jill throughout the game, following her from one environment to the next. However, unlike Mr. X, Nemesis is faster, can leap in front of Jill to block her path, or use tentacles to trip her up. Later on, Nemesis gets aggressive with a series of weapons that lead to some epic boss encounters. The music Capcom uses whenever Nemesis shows up really ramps up the tension too, so don’t play this game if you have a weak heart.  

        The Resistance Multiplayer Mode Is Fun

        The Resident Evil franchise has dabbled with multiplayer mayhem to varying degrees, but we haven’t played a multiplayer mode that we wanted to come back to in a long time. Resistance could finally break that trend. This asynchronous 4v1 mode tasks a group of survivors with escaping the sadistic machinations of an Umbrella experiment. Each match is split into three stages where four survivors work together to complete a variety of objects, and each hero has their own set of skills. I played as a support hero who could reveal special items on the map as well as a tankier survivor who was skilled in melee attacks. There is a good amount of variety among the survivors so almost anyone should be able to find a character that clicks for them. However, I had the most fun when playing as the Mastermind who works against the survivors, laying traps and unleashing zombies on the team from the safety of a control room. 

        There is a lot more to say about Resident Evil 3, but if you’re not excited for this survival horror remake at this point we don’t know what we could say to turn you around. I guess you could start by reading our review for Resident Evil 2 or watching our New Gameplay Today video. 

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        Halo Infinite Will Be On Game Pass For Xbox One And Xbox Series X

        Microsoft has given more details about the Xbox Series X, including technical specs and consumer-facing features like its new Smart Delivery. In the process, it also reaffirmed it will continue to support some of its current initiatives, like Game Pass, for the upcoming Halo Infinite.

        In the announcement, Microsoft confirmed that Game Pass will continue to include first-party games, specifically name-dropping Halo Infinite. The post also briefly mentioned its array of 15 Xbox Game Studios in relation to Game Pass. In addition, the Series X will be backward compatible with previous Xbox generations, so any Game Pass games from prior generations will be playable too.

        Halo Infinite is also the flagship product for Microsoft’s new Smart Delivery feature. That means you’ll be able to purchase it and any other participating game on Xbox One, and when you upgrade your hardware to the Series X, you’ll already own the next-gen version. Third-party participation is voluntary, but CD Projekt Red has already said Cyberpunk 2077 will be included.

        All this means that whether you play Halo Infinite through a Game Pass subscription or a full game purchase, you’ll get the upgraded next-gen version of the game when you get an Xbox Series X. Microsoft is expected to share more details on the Xbox Series X at its E3 2020 presentation.

        Xbox Series X And Xbox One News

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        • Xbox Series X: Release Date, Specs, Price, And Everything We Know
        • Why You Can't Pre-Order Xbox Series X Yet
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