What Makes Apex Legends’ Revenant So Underwhelming

Revenant was introduced as a new character in Apex Legends Season 4, but so far he hasn’t had much of an impact. Every new season has introduced a new legend to the game, with Wattson arriving in Season 2 and Crypto arriving in Season 3. While those two have had varying degrees of success, they still have better abilities than Revenant.

Revenant was teased long before his introduction and players were hyped up to find out what he was all about. By giving him a creepy appearance and skull-like face, Respawn made him look like a merciless killer who’d be out for blood. Because Apex characters tend to leak, Respawn created a fake character called Forge to be the “new” legend in the game. Just before the start of Season 4, they released a teaser showing Revenant killing Forge. They also released a trailer showing an unstoppable Revenant brutally slaying a target.

The stage was set. Players eagerly awaited the legend who called himself “Death” and looked invincible in the trailer. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned and when he was released, players got to see that he didn’t match up to the existing legends.

Revenant’s tactical ability is called Silence. He throws a device that causes some damage but also disables enemy abilities for ten seconds. In theory, it sounds good and would be a fantastic way to neutralize players like Wraith or Bangalore’s abilities. In reality, the area covered by this tactical is very small and the cloud it leaves behind only lasts for six seconds. It only disables players from using their abilities and doesn’t stop abilities already in use.

His passive ability is called Stalker and allows him to climb higher than other legends and can crouch-walk at the same speed as regular walking. He can only climb slightly higher than the other legends and can’t compare to Pathfinder in terms of mobility. This ability can be useful in some circumstances, but for many players, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

The Death Totem is his ultimate ability. The totem allows his team to respawn at its location instead of getting knocked down. However, the respawned players only come back with 1 health. This ability may sound great, but since the totem is exposed, enemy players stay near it to launch an ambush. Caustic traps, in particular, are very effective against it.

The legend that looked so hype in his trailer ended up being a disappointment. It later came out that he was nerfed before being released because they thought he’d be overpowered. One of his original characteristics was to crawl like a spider, but it apparently made him too hard to hit. Since Respawn is constantly changing the game to bring more balance, hopefully there’s still a chance for Revenant to fulfill his true potential.

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