TheGamer’s Madden 21 Super Bowl LV Prediction – And The Winner Is…

Tensions are high here on the eve of Super Bowl LV, as the Kansas City Chiefs look to repeat what they did one year ago to become back-to-back Super Bowl champions. Of course, to do so, they’ll have to go through Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who just so happen to be playing the game on their home field, marking the first time in NFL history that a team has played in the Super Bowl in their own stadium.

As of the time of this writing, Las Vegas sportsbooks have the Chiefs (-3) with a slight edge over the Buccaneers as the predicted winner of Super Bowl LV. Likewise, the official Madden 21 prediction has the Kansas City Chiefs hoisting the Lombardi Trophy once again, thanks to Patrick Mahomes’ typical clutch gameplay. However, we here at TheGamer have our own Madden 21 prediction for Super Bowl LV, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers emerging victorious, becoming Super Bowl champions for the first time since 2003.

For our simulation – which was conducted on the All-Madden difficulty setting – we adjusted the quarter lengths from the 6-minute quarters to the standard 15-minute quarters of a typical NFL game. Rosters were updated to ensure that players who have already been ruled out were not included in the simulation. Players with a status of “Questionable” were allowed to play – after all, who wouldn’t grit their teeth and play through the pain for a shot at playing in the Super Bowl? Finally, the weather was set to overcast, since pre-game thunderstorms are anticipated, but expected to die down by kickoff.

Check out the video below for our Madden 21 sim of Super Bowl LV:

The Buccaneers kick things off with a Leonard Fournette rushing touchdown, followed by a few traded field goals to take the score to 3-13 before Clyde-Edwards-Helaire finds the endzone for a Chiefs touchdown.

Tom Brady responds by finding a wide-open Gronk in the endzone, making it a two-possession game at the start of the second quarter. The Chiefs respond with a field goal, but the Bucs come roaring right back with a Brady to Mike Evans touchdown, with Evans absolutely “Mossing” the Honey Badger for the score.

Mahomes and the Chiefs are unable to respond, resulting in Brady having another passing touchdown to extend the lead before halftime – Chiefs 13, Buccaneers 34, with the Bucs dominating in every offensive category in the first half.

The Chiefs show signs of life to kick off the second half, with another touchdown from Edwards-Helaire, but the Bucs answer right back with Brady throwing a touchdown pass to Antonio Brown.

A red zone sack on third down forces the Chiefs to go for it on fourth down, but Mahomes’ pass sails through the back of the endzone, turning the ball over on downs. Luckily, the Kansas City defense finally holds off Brady and the Bucs, leading to a Demarcus Robinson touchdown.

The Bucs, however, blow the door wide open with Ronald Jones taking it all the way to the house on a 54-yard rushing touchdown, putting them up 27 to 48.

The Chiefs are able to score on a late Travis Kelce touchdown, but it’s too little too late. Following an unsuccessful onside kick (not that a successful one would’ve given the Chiefs much of a chance anyway), Brady kneels, crowning himself and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl LV champions.

Brady is also named Super Bowl LV MVP, which makes sense given his 357 passing yards and four touchdown passes.

For what it’s worth, we simulated a second game with the weather setting of “Light Rain”, just in case the Tampa Bay area thunderstorms come into play on Sunday. Although the game was closer, it was still a high-scoring affair with the Buccaneers still managing to edge out the Chiefs to take the victory.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Official Madden simulations haven’t proved all that accurate in the past, but it’s certainly a fun way to imagine what could happen. We’ll see what happens when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday from Raymond James Stadium.

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