The Biggest Gaming News For January 15, 2022

This was another big day in the world of gaming. We heard all about big sales figures, raving reviews, and brazen scams. Topping things off were a couple of controversies. The stories today ranged from news about Nintendo cracking down on fake storefronts to Chief Executive Officers in the games industry making a total of $842 million in 2020. Awesome Games Done Quick also raised $2 million in record time. Quite the speedrun! Read on to find out more.

PSA: Nintendo Warns Of Fake Websites Trying To Sell Discounted Products

Thought those discounts were too good to be true? Well, they actually were. Nintendo has been warning its customers that a website has been masquerading as an official storefront. This was apparently complete with graphics, logos, and everything else. "We have recently confirmed the existence of a fake website that spoofs the Nintendo website,” the company announced. “The fake sites illegally use our company’s logo, make it look as if they are operated by our company, and display our products, including Nintendo Switch, as if they can be purchased at a greatly discounted price." Hopefully no more customers will be getting boxes filled with bricks rather than consoles.

Dying Light 2 Devs Pledge Five Years Of Post-Launch Support

The developer behind Dying Light, Techland, is well known for supporting its games. The company provided the title with new content and updates for years after release. Techland is apparently planning the same thing for Dying Light 2. “Want to know what will happen after the premiere? We guarantee to expand the world of Dying Light 2 for at least five years post launch with new stories, locations, in-game events, and all the fun stuff you love,” the company announced. This comes as good news for fans of the franchise who also learned this week that Dying Light 2 takes 500 hours to fully complete.

Troy Baker Allegedly Hasn't Refunded Pledges On Abandoned Crowdfunding Project

Troy Baker has been in a lot of hot water recently. Baker just announced that he plans to create the “world’s first voice NFT.” This of course attracted all sorts of controversy from people on both sides of the NFT debate. The voice actor has now been coming under fire from backers of his crowdfunded music project. This was known as Window to the Abbey. Perks included signed copies of records and pictures. The problem is that Baker has apparently never gotten around to actually delivering any of these. Backers have been asking for refunds, but getting no response from Baker.

Awesome Games Done Quick Breaks Another Record – Fastest $2 Million Raised

Awesome Games Done Quick will be coming to a close tomorrow. The long-running festival is all about… well, doing games quickly. While there have been lots of new records, the most interesting might just be those for the fastest $1 million, $1.5 million, and $2 million raised for charity. “I’m incredibly happy with the support we've received thus far and itching to see how far it goes,” Director of Operations Matt Merkle said. "Thank you to everyone who has donated so far — it's all for a great cause.” The donations are going directly to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Games Industry CEOs Made Nearly $1 Billion Last Year

Chief Executive Officers in the games industry made a staggering amount of money last year. This came to a total of $842 million. Robert Kotick of Activision Blizzard was the second highest earner at $154,613,318 which is apparently equivalent to 1,560 median employees. This despite the ongoing controversies at the company about everything from poor pay and working conditions to gender discrimination and sexual harassment. While there have been many calls for his resignation, Kotick has given absolutely no indication that he plans on leaving Activision Blizzard.

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