Redditor Discovers The Loadout Supply Drop In COD: Warzone Is Deadly

Watch out for loadout supply drops in Call of Duty: Warzone. They can just flat-out kill you.

Warzone is different from other battle royale games. Whereas in games like PUBG and Apex Legends you’re forced to use whatever weapons and gear you find, in Call of Duty: Warzone there is a way to get your dream loadout.

This is done by looting a Loadout Supply Drop, and there are two ways to do this. First, you can just find them randomly as they’re airdropped at different locations, a la PUBG. Second, you can call one in yourself by purchasing one at a Buy Station and then throwing a flare on the ground. The supply drop will fall roughly where you place the flare.

We say roughly because it’s not an exact science. Supply drops can go wrong, and when they do go wrong, watch out.

Redditor ky2391 found this out in the absolute worst way possible and then posted a video of their experience to the Warzone subreddit. It’s definitely cringe-worthy entertainment, so be warned–you’re going to feel this one if you’re a Warzone player.

So after purchasing the loadout drop, we see ky2391 throw the market on the ground and wait. Incredibly, the loadout drop gets stuck in a street lamp. Unable to get to the recently purchased drop, ky2391 does what every good gamer would think to do and tries to shoot it down.

It actually works, surprisingly, but ky2391 is unfortunately just a little too close to the box as it falls. A corner of the supply drop catches ky2391’s avatar and one-shots him to the Gulag.

While this might seem a corner case, ky2391’s video is not a unique experience. Player [PIL]ADRI suffered a similar fate after trying to simply knock a loadout drop box loose using their melee. Instead, the box tipped forward and then back at ADRI, killing them instantly.

The issue here seems to be that the loadout dropbox has been programmed to be deadly to players standing underneath them, but Infinity Ward hasn’t removed those deadly parameters after the box hits the ground. If it so much as twitches at the player due to being bumped or jostled, it’s lights out.

Be careful around those Buy Stations too. They’re more dangerous than they look.

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