Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Hands-On Preview

May’s Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event gave us a good look into what to expect for the upcoming paid expansion. The 16-minute-long presentation showcased some of Sunbreak’s new areas, debut monsters, and gameplay tweaks. We also saw variations on well-known monsters that fans can encounter in the fresh experience. And while this gave us a lot to chew on, we couldn’t wait to explore all the new changes ourselves. We recently sat down with Sunbreak’s team and got a hands-on preview of the expansion, which featured two different quests, a peek at unique locales, characters, and, of course, monsters.

My adventure begins in Elgado Outpost, a location filled with European-inspired architecture, which Director Yoshitake Suzuki describes as a “former fortress that is now being used as an outpost for the hunters and the organizations that you’ll meet in the game.” Being an early build of a work still in progress, the preview’s visuals were perhaps not as polished as the final result. However, the town’s various Western influences swirl together to give it a lively personality. The new outpost doesn’t step entirely away from Rise’s design, though, as residents of Kamura Village leave their own mark on the settlement.

Monster Hunter Rise

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