Marvel Battleworld’s Frost Giant Loki Is Its Best Character Yet

The latest Mega Pack in Series 1 of Marvel Battleworld is now available, coming with the exclusive Frost Giant Loki variant and four other mystery Heroes. This is the first new expansion set since last year’s Thanos Ship Showdown, and having had the opportunity to check out the set over the weekend, I can confirm that this Mega Pack is a must-buy addition for fans of the collectible adventure game.

The Frost Giant Loki Mega Pack features everybody’s favorite mischief-maker, Loki, in his Frost Giant variant form, stemming from his being born on Jotunheim as the son of the Frost Giant King known as Laufey. Loki was abandoned by his father and left to die, but rescued and adopted by Asgard’s King Odin, Thor’s dad. However, as the rightful heir to the Jotunheim throne, Loki is looking out for one person, and one person only: himself – which means that not even the mighty Thanos and his dangerous Battleworld can control the God of Mischief.

The Frost Giant Loki figurine will be immediately familiar to you if Loki is already part of your Battleworld collection. The same character model is used from the regular Loki figurine, with the Frost Giant variant brandishing ice-blue skin and deep, blood-red eyes. Frost Giant Loki’s under-armor outfit and cape are also purple, versus the black and green colors from the standard model.

However, it’s Frost Giant Loki’s Hero Card that truly sets this variant apart from the original version. Whereas regular Loki features a Trickster ability that allows him to re-flip an undesirable Danger Coin flip, Frost Giant Loki has the more powerful Betrayer ability, which rewards him with an automatic win if Thanos’ face is rolled during a battle. This ability, coupled with his Hero bonuses, makes Frost Giant Loki a Hero that should definitely be a permanent member of your team.

During a handful of play sessions, Frost Giant Loki managed to be the determining factor in my success more than once. Obviously, he won’t get you an automatic win depending on your rolls during battle, but he does provide a slight peace of mind should you be one roll away from defeat. Your odds increase ever so slightly thanks to his ability to win on a Thanos roll.

The Frost Giant Loki Mega Pack is also just a great option if you’re looking to expand your Hero roster. The pack comes with two other Heroes in addition to Frost Giant Loki, as well as two Heroes encapsulated in Thanostones awaiting your heroic rescue. The Mega Pack is available for $25 MSRP, a solid price given that normal two-Hero Battle Balls retail for around $9.

Frost Giant Loki is a solid addition to your ever-expanding Battleworld collection. You won’t find him in anything other than this Mega Pack – which is available today – so be sure to snag the pack from Funko’s website.

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