Lies Beneath is a new VR Horror From Gunheart Developer Drifter Entertainment

This past week has already seen White Door Games announce the terrifying Cosmophobia and now another equally unsettling virtual reality (VR) horror has surfaced. Drifter Entertainment, the studio behind Robo Recall: Unplugged and  Gunheart has revealed its next project, Lies Beneath for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift.

A survival horror which has been inspired by classics such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Lies Beneath takes place in the sleepy town of Slumber, Alaska.  “Returning college student Mae must fight to save her father (and her sanity) from the terrifying townsfolk and creepy creatures infecting her hometown,” explains the synopsis.

Lies Beneath looks like its going to be instantly terrifying thanks to its visceral cel-shaded art style. “In terms of the world we’ve built, it pretty obviously draws inspiration from the comic world, says Creative Director Brian Murphy on the Oculus Blog. “I think of it as a kind of a cheeky mid-century American Creepfest, mixed with profoundly disturbing Junji Ito-style Japanese horror comic weirdness.”

Gameplay will see players fight hordes of monsters with an arsenal of melee and ranged weapons, from shotguns and pistols to axes, knives and explosives. Drifter Entertainment mixes up the action with puzzles to solve and lore objects that uncover hidden truths to find.

Drifter Entertainment has impressively committed to the storyline by creating two websites dedicated to Slumber. The first is a tourist style ‘Visit Slumber, Alaska‘ site with a nice version about its history. The second is by the Slumber Historical Society, for a Ghost Tour of Slumber’s darker history.

There’s not long to wait for Lies Beneath with the Oculus Quest version scheduled for 31st March while the Oculus Rift edition will arrive on 14th April. Check out the first trailer for the videogame below and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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