Kirby and the Forgotten Land is another classic cartoony platformer on Switch

You get serious Mario vibes off of this cute new Switch platform puzzler the moment you boot it up for the first time.

Because Nintendo classic character Kirby has taken a leaf out of the plumber’s brilliant Odyssey game to go all 3D on the handheld console, and it suits him.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a great addition to the Switch’s ever-expanding series of cartoony platform titles.

It’s set in an abandoned world where civilization and nature have become one, and the 90s pink blob gaming hero is tasked with setting off on a grand adventure to rescue even cuter little chaps called Waddle Dees and return home with his mystical new friend Elfilin.

It’s all very child-friendly and easy to control as you start to explore linear levels from an over-the-shoulder viewpoint.

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The unique selling point of this title is the way Kirby sucks up various things into his mouth to then transform into those things.

So, for example, he swallows a car and suddenly you’re driving around the level as a Kirby-car, smashing your way through barriers and baddies.

Or you could be swallowing up various attackers, taking on their skills like throwing arrows and spikey hair attacks, which you then use against other foes.

There are even some parts of the levels you can’t get through unless you take on a new shape, such as becoming a vending machine to then wiggle yourself aside, exposing a way through a blocked area.

As you’d expect with Nintendo it is all very cleverly thought out and you never really get too stuck for too long as you power through the various lands, each to a big boss fight at the end.

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Kirby is fun to play and fairly simple.

The difficulty is on the slightly easier side in general, although of course it gets more difficult the further in you get.

But this is one designed with a constant eye on the kids with a fair smattering of platform puzzling fun for adults to enjoy too.

There’s a replayability factor thanks to the hidden collectibles dotted around each stage and both the graphics and sounds are perfectly balanced for a child-friendly Switch title.

And it’s not all solo fun, there’s a local co-op option too so you can take to the levels with a pal, darting baddies alongside Kirby with his trusty spear-throwing pal Bandana Waddle Dee.

And the more Waddle Dees you collect in the game the better for Waddle Dee Town, allowing you to unlock better moves and collectibles between story missions.

All in, a cracking Switch title.

One that doesn’t feel particularly fresh in any area but is done with enough Nintendo charm and style that it’s still a pleasure to play.


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