Gaming Detail: Frog Villagers Don’t Need Umbrellas In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Frogs of the order “Anura” are a group of mostly carnivorous amphibians. Like all of their kind, they live on or near water, spending the first half of their lives as fully aquatic creatures before metamorphosing into four-legged creatures that breathe air rather than water. Most frogs will spend the rest of their lives in a semi-aquatic lifestyle, often diving beneath the surface to avoid predators or seek prey.

A frog’s skin is a highly adapted organ that serves to both protect the frog and also absorb water and oxygen from the surrounding environment. Many frogs get most of their water requirements just by standing in a puddle and will actually perish if separated from a water source for too long.

Frogs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons don’t spend nearly as much time in aquatic locales, but the game does make at least one concession to their amphibious origins. When it rains, frog villagers won’t take out an umbrella to protect themselves from the falling droplets. Instead, they’ll just stand there and let themselves get soaked, sometimes mentioning how refreshing it is to stand outside in the rain.

All except for Ribbot, who has a metal skin and therefore cannot actually absorb moisture without taking it orally (that is, by drinking it). Even then, there’s probably a risk of shorting himself out if he gets wet, so we don’t expect to see Ribbot outside all that often.

Judging by the varying colorations of New Horizons’ frog villagers, it’d be safe to say that at least a few of them are poisonous. Frobert, Huck, Cousteau, and Puddles all exhibit colorations that are very similar to poison dart frogs, a general group of frogs that secrete a poisonous substance on their skin in order to deter predators.

Not that anyone has to worry about predators in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Well, except for the predatory lending policies of a certain tanuki.

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