Gamer Spotlight: Islander Nieve Has Claimed The Iron Throne In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The wheel has been broken, and Nieve of Nysö island has emerged as the queen of Game of Thrones designs within Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From awestriking reenactments to flawless cosplays, creator Nieve has gained notable recognition among her fellow islanders.

Scene Recreations

Nieve has recreated numerous scenes from episodes throughout all eight seasons. From early jaw-droppers like Daenerys Stormborn becoming the Mother of Dragons in season 1 episode 10 ‘Birth of Dragons.’

To major turning points such as catching up with Daenerys after her first ride on Drogon in season 5 episode 9 ‘The Dance of Dragons.’

Nieve took on some of the most iconic moments of the entire series, like when Daenerys took up the throne at Dragonstone.

The passionate creator has put her own spin on scenes we will never forget…

And even some we wish we could.

Nieve has even made designs to imitate Drogon in flight and used them to reconstruct several heated moments Daenerys experienced astride her beloved child.

But Drogon wasn’t the only one to get some representation. Along with depictions of all three as babies, Nieve was also sure to include adult variations of Rhaegal and Viserion.

House Targaryen

Nieve has fully represented each house in Game of Thrones as well. Starting with Daenerys Stormborn’s house Targaryen, Nieve has recreated the family crest, along with many of Dany’s memorable ensembles. This striking number from season seven and Dany’s iconic dress, complete with the metalwork dragon clasp from season five’s finale, are among my personal favorites.

But it’s not only Daenerys Stormborn who represents house Targaryen. Nieve was sure to include all of Daenerys supporters along the way, whether they know her as Dany or Khaleesi. And, of course, many more eye-catching numbers of Dany’s.

This collection includes Dany’s brother Viserys, her late husband Khal Drogo, and her trusted advisor and friend, Missandie, with her dresses from seasons four and five. It also includes Dany’s dresses from seasons one, four, five, and her winter coat from season eight.

The Lannisters

Of house Lannister, Nieve has included multiple outfits for Tyrion and Cersei, along with Jaime’s tunic from season 1 and Tywin’s gambeson. Nieve was even so thorough as to include Tyrion’s facial scar (not pictured here), which he earns at the Battle of The Blackwater.

Of course, Cersei rivaled Daenerys in the sheer number of dresses worn throughout the series, and Nieve was sure to include those. Alongside Cersei’s expansive wardrobe, Nieve also threw together another outfit for Tyrion and Jaime, along with the Lannister armor set.

House Tyrell

Let’s not leave Margaery out of the sizeable wardrobe competition. Despite not lasting all eight seasons, this queen went through nearly the same amount of wardrobe changes as Cersei and Daenerys. Alongside Margaery, Loras and Olenna Tyrell’s garments are also pictured in the collection above, along with the Tyrell house crest.

The Starks

For this house Stark collection Nieve fashioned outfits for Robb, Jon, and Bran along with a couple of Sansa’s later dresses. Nieve also included Arya’s peddler ensemble from her time as ‘No One’ on the fishing docks in season 5. The Stark house crest is also deftly executed.

Of course, a Stark collection wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging Jon as King of the North or Sansa as Queen. It also gave us the chance to show off Nieve’s fabulous Stark crest collage as well as Arya’s armor from season 8 and a throwback to Jon’s time in the Night’s Watch.

And Many, Many More

In this final collection, we have Melisandre alongside a generic Wildling coat, The Hound’s studded gambeson, and the dreaded Night King. Though these characters’ allegiances lay mainly with themselves, they were too iconic to leave off this round-up. And of course, down on the left, there is the masterfully-crafted armor Jaime Lannister had made for Brienne of Tarth, who was always a loyal and staunch protector of house Stark.

Nieve’s dedication to recreating Game of Thrones characters seems to have no limits as this is far from the full extent of her vast stores. If you enjoyed this round-up, then be sure to support the artist across her social media. You can find more Game of Thrones designs on Nieve’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, and view the entire collection via Nieve’s creator code!

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