Crash Bandicoot: On The Run, Please Stop Making Me Hatch Eggs

Right, what the hell is going on in Crash: On the Run? Here at TheGamer, our opinions on the game have been pretty mixed. As for myself, it’s a decent enough free-to-play mobile game, but the endless runner thing doesn’t quite make sense for me, and the boss choices are… odd to say the least. Scorporilla as the lead off hitter? Whatever, it’s your funeral. But after playing it for a while longer, I’m still deeply confused about why the hell I’m hatching eggs.

The basic gameplay loop in Crash: On the Run is simple. You play endless runner levels to open crates of various resources. You use these resources to create weapons. You use these weapons to fight bosses. It’s all fairly straightforward. It’s a gameplay loop that is very typical of mobile games, since the resources are in limited supply (but can be bought) and the weapons take increasingly long stretches of time to make (but you can pay to speed it up). There’s a lot of money grubbery going on, from the multiple adverts that flash on your screen from the minute you open the app to the extortionate prices to the typical freemium stuff I’ve just mentioned. I’ve made my peace with it, and with the fact that there’s nothing Crash Bandicoot about this besides the aesthetics. But I still can’t figure out the eggs.

The resources that we have to retrieve range from toxic flowers to snow cones to lava rocks. I don’t really understand any of it. The levels we play through feel like they’re riffing off some classic Crash locales, even if the heart and creativity has been ripped out for the same few obstacles over and over again. But the actual items we’re collecting… I just don’t get it. The game never explains it – there’s a presumption that we all come into this knowing that there’s not going to be that much Crash here. It’s just so brazen. Yeah, collect flowers or rocks or something, who cares? Now, you can either wait six hours or pay £1.46 to play again now, what’ll it be?

But again, I can accept that in a freemium mobile game, I’m going to be asked to collect some random things for no reason other than so the game can conjure up ways to charge me money. But why eggs? Sometimes, you need eggs to make weapons, but we don’t find these eggs in the levels themselves. Instead, we use these flowers or whatever it is to create eggs. In the game’s economy, this gives you another thing to wait for – and therefore another thing you can pay to speed up. But I ask again; /why/ on /earth/ is it eggs? These are weird scientific ingredients that then get made into bombs and bazookas. Why is it not potions or acids in a lab? Why is my ice bazooka egg powered? And are we feeding them to the chickens? I can’t imagine how else you get a lava egg other than feeding a chicken a lava rock, so we must be. So then the question becomes why are the chickens eating lava rocks?!

Crash: On the Run is odd. It’s a strange idea to take a game built around a linear a-to-b platforming difficulty and make it into an endless runner with zero platforming aside from ‘jump this bar’. But at least the other decisions feel like they’ve been made to get our cash. I have a weird respect for how clear the game’s designers have been in their aims. But…eggs? Really? Answers on a postcard, please.

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