1More’s Evo True Wireless Earbuds are curvy, classy and have a rich sound

Real thought has been put into the design of these quaint but excellent little ear buds.

Unlike many of their contemporaries, the Evos have a pearl-like curvy look to them, giving them a feminine edge over many of their more blocky rivals.

It is stylish, something you’ll want to be wearing, rather than a functional thing.

But maker 1More also packs a decent bit of tech into these mini marvels.

They come at a premium price, £160-odd, but the Evo delivers Hi-Res Wireless audio, 42dB of immersive Hybrid Noise Cancellation, six – yes six – microphones for pin sharp phone calls on-the-go and well tuned dual drivers for a great overall aural mix.

First off the sound.

It’s very good, and keeps the bass pumping better than similar priced rivals thanks to an excellent ear fit.

There’s little bleed here due to the noise cancellation tech in the units and no real loss of the deeper tones you’ll listen to, unlike poorer ear buds.

You can even tweak your noise cancellation to allow in at least some of the surrounding world if you choose, for example if you’re walking and want to hear a bit of traffic so as not to dart in front of a car oblivious to its movements.

On pop songs and modern dance tunes the bass kicks through beautifully and the vocals are crisp and striking at the top end. Great stuff.

One criticism however is it felt like they struggled slightly around the mids when listening to older classics and heavy guitar-based rock songs.

There’s less attack than we were expecting, making the instruments feel somewhat muddied, less defined, out of the box.

It’s a small complaint though, because that is adjustable using different EQ modes and overall you’re getting a very high quality sound here.

It’s also worth noting they are excellent at low volumes.

They offer up to 28-hours of playtime and up to 8-hours on a single charge.

The buds physically feel the right side of quality too, with a lovely aforementioned design that give them a step above the usual.

The six microphones on the device almost feel like overkill but they do indeed deliver a crisp, clear vocal on phone calls and must be among the industry leaders in that field.

When you combine everything the 1More Evo offers you can only conclude the makers have packed a great deal of goodness into these buds.

Yes, they’re pricey, and I’d have liked to have seen more ability to tweak the EQ, but they’re well worth a punt if you want both a great sound and great look in your ear buds of choice.


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