Resident Evil Village walkthrough part 6: Mask of Fury

Resident Evil Village’s “Find the Angels’ Masks: 3/4” objective takes you through the Atelier, Attic, Rooftops, Belfry, and Tower of Rage areas where you’ll find RE8’s crimson skull, treasure map, F2 Rifle (sniper rifle), and Mask of Rage key item.

In this Resident Evil 8 walkthrough, we’ll help you collect every item — like ammo, lei, rusted scrap, herbs, crystal fragments, and more — and find every key item with our maps and screenshots.

Table of contents

  • Flower Sword Ball
  • Atelier
  • Attic
  • Rooftops
  • Belfry
  • Tower of Rage

Flower Sword Ball

Before venturing back out of the Merchant’s Room, let’s use the Flower Sword Ball. Interact with the castle model in the Merchant’s Room — the Norshteyn’s Labyrinth — and place the ball.

Merchant’s Room labyrinth puzzle.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Your job is to tilt the castle so that the ball rolls along the path (like the infuriating “game” version). The path is simple until the end. After the last curve, there are three holes. Tilt the castle toward you, and roll the ball along the closest edge until it lands in the glowing hole.

Your reward is a crimson skull worth 8,000 lei.


Head back through the Main Hall, upstairs, into the Hall of Joy, and west to the Atelier (which is apparently French for an artist’s studio).

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Examine Dimitrescu’s Portrait in the middle of the room to see a clue:

Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.

Turn right (east) and smash the first cabinet for some handgun ammo. Now, look on top of that cabinet for Bell 1. Shoot it to ring it.

Bell 2 is to the west next to the stairs.

Climb the stairs and look at the chandelier. Shoot it once to get it swinging, and you’ll see the Bell 3 inside. Shoot it again to ring it.

From the same landing, look just left of the chandelier and through the window. Shoot the window, and then shoot the Bell 4.

Back down on ground level, look at the spinning and swinging gear work in the western wall. One of the pendulums holds Bell 5. (Watch the pendulum arm to help time your shot.)

Once all five have been rung, a secret passage will open to the north.

Inside, turn left for an herb. and then head right to climb the ladder.


Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

In the attic, do a U-turn to the left and deal with the vampire waiting for you. There is also a lockpick on the crates where he was lying.

In the middle of the attic, grab the treasure map, and then smash the crate for handgun ammo. Head to the west wall and grab the gunpowder from the crate.

Read the note in the back right (southwest) corner for the Rumors of a Dagger file.

Take the hall along the left (east) side to find the F2 Rifle — a sniper rifle.

Follow the hall to the left to make your way to the Rooftops.


Use your sniper rifle to handle a few of the flying mosquito-bat-things [note: Future Jeff here, and I’m so disappointed in myself for not calling them “vampire bats”], and then head right (south).

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

There’s a chem fluid on the ledge along your left. Stick to the left and step onto the roof. There’s a vase to the left with some rusted scrap.

Backtrack a little and go through the other door leading south. There’s an elevator here, but skip it for now. On the other side of it, there’s another vase on the left with sniper rifle ammo.

Watch for more flying vampires here. There’s a vase to the right with shotgun ammo.

This balcony is a good place to snipe the rest of the flying vampires.

Follow the balcony around to the east. At the far end, you’ll find a bag of lei. Climb up the roof and stick to the right. At the top, on the angled section of ledge, grab the gunpowder.

Cut back to the left and over the peak of the roof. Smash the vase to the left of the chimney for some lei, and then climb the stairs at the east end.


Inside the Belfry, smash both vases for shotgun ammo and handgun ammo.

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Ignore the zip line for a moment, and step past it and to the left. Look at the tower just to the left of the zip line. There’s a sparkling spot on that tower. Shoot it, and then backtrack to the tower to find a crystal fragment.

Return to the Belfry. Grab on and ride the zip line to the Tower of Rage.

Tower of Rage

When you land in the Tower of Rage, step to the left to kick free a ladder leading back down to the Rooftops.

Grab the Mask of Rage from the statue.

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Climb the ladder back to the elevator. This will take you all the way back to the mechanical room attached to the Entrance Hall. When you step off the elevator, follow the column in the wall straight up. There’s a crystal fragment high above you.

On your way back to the Hall of Four, you’ll run into Alcina. Use the Entrance Hall to have the space to dodge around and past her. Run back and place the Mask of Rage on the rightmost angel bust.

Head back into the Merchant’s Room to visit the typewriter and do some more shopping.

We’ll grab the final angel mask in the next section.

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