Oh great, even Resident Evil 3’s safe rooms are no longer safe from the Nemesis

Wonderful. Perfect. Great news! As if the Nemesis — Resident Evil 3’s big bad monster — wasn’t terrifying enough, he’s going to be even more deadly in the 2020 remake.

The words “safe room” imply and area that offers some form of sanctuary. You know, an enclosed space where you’re safe from the terrifying things outside in Resident Evil 3’s world. There are rules about these things, you see — in Resident Evil 2, Mr. X couldn’t chase you into the safe room. As you would expect, there you were safe. Apparently, Capcom’s breaking its own rules in the Resident Evil 3 remake. The safe room, you see, is no longer safe.

The new detail was revealed in an Official Xbox Magazine feature, which outlined an encounter with Nemesis. The player is huddling in a safe room, deciding what to do in this dire situation. And then the Nemesis breaks in.

“That long-established Resident Evil oasis of calm, ink ribbons and item storage has been compromised,” they write. If he’s chasing you, you can’t hide. It seems like all of the internet is already terrified.


Resident Evil 3 will be released April 3 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Can’t wait to be chased into a safe room by a hulking bioweapon wielding a flamethrower!

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