Valorant Launch Tournament Airing Via Twitch Rivals: Watch It Here

Riot is holding a set of Valorant tournaments to celebrate its recent launch. The tournaments, which are streamed and hosted by Twitch Rivals, feature a $200,000 prize pool with creators and teams from North America, Brazil, Europe, Korea, Japan, and other parts of Latin America participating.

The tournament uses a round-robin approach during the opening round and will then move to best-of-three and single elimination brackets for the playoffs. The final rounds are happening today, June 6, and tomorrow, June 7. A full schedule is available to view here.

Riot has already started to lay out their plans for Valorant’s competitive scene, including three tiers of competition. Small, medium, and large tournaments with different prize pool amounts will help Riot bring in third-party organizers to hold tournaments.

“Our primary focus early on will be forming partnerships with players, content creators, tournament organizers, and developers,” ‘Magus’ Rozelle, senior director of global esports at Riot Games said in April. “Unlocking them to help us to build the Valorant ecosystem.“

Nearly 3 million players checked in to play in Valorant’s closed beta, which is seen as a huge success for the creators of League of Legends.

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