Temtem Targeting Spring 2021 Release On PS4, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch

The Pokemon-inspired Temtem is off to a strong start, just in early access on Steam so far. But developer Crema has bigger plans for the full launch, including ports to consoles next spring. The studio shared its plans in the latest content roadmap.

Following up on another roadmap that detailed short-term plans through most of 2020, the studio outlined some of its long-term goals. The studio says that it expects to have the console ports (previously announced for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One) ready for the 1.0 release in spring 2021.

It also took a moment to address how the versions will interact with each other. Crema says cross-play between versions is technically very simple, and platforms have recently been very open with each other so it seems achievable. Cross-save is more technically challenging, Crema says, but the studio feels confident it can make it work.

Other long-term features include more Temtem, another island, and revisions to ranked matchmaking and spectator mode. Sometime near the planned spring launch, it will also add the endgame island, cosmetics store, battle replay system, and daily and weekly quests.

The update is careful to note that planned features are not entirely set in stone, and dates may shift.

“We’re not really big fans of having public dates for everything, they add a lot of unnecessary pressure on the team and they make making changes and swapping features around a very difficult task,” the studio states. “We know everyone else likes dates though, so we’ve decided to include open dates for each block of features. Take them with a grain of salt and expect delays and features moved around dates.”

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