Sea of Thieves Lost Treasures Update Is Live

The latest Sea of Thieves update, Lost Treasures, is live and offers brave pirates more bang for their booty-seeking buck. It dropped on May 27, boasting a host of changes to the story elements in the game as well as Daily Bounties to ensure that you’re always flush with cash.

The official patch notes for the Lost Treasures update mention a host of quality-of-life improvements, but front and center is the improvement to the Tall Tales system: an optional set of narrative experiences that players can use to better explore the world of Sea of Thieves through challenges and more.

Most notably, Tall Tale adventures will now benefit from checkpoints, so that you’re not pressured to complete entire adventures in one sitting if you’re too busy.

The Lost Treasures update has also made a change to the frequency of regular in-game events, included new Ruby Splashtail cosmetics for the Pirate Emporium, and introduced Daily Bounties. These Daily Bounties are yet another avenue for pirates to pick up Doubloons, and depending on the task of the day, can be completed solo or will require the participation of another crew.

The Sea of Thieves update also brings a special event called the Blighted Bonus. Described as a “joint effort between various Trading Companies,” players will be able to get Blighted themed cosmetics for their ship by participating in this event when it goes live. However, don’t fret; if you miss out on this event during the Lost Treasures season, you will be able to buy the rewards from the Pirate Emporium once they go on rotation there.

Other cosmetics introduced in the Lost Treasures update extend to new ship customizations and pirate outfit options. On top of that, there will also be a Sale tab introduced as part of this update to the Emporium, enabling you to keep on track of the latest deals. Finally, there have been accessibility improvements as part of this patch—text sizes and prompts have been increased for better visibility.

With Sea of Thieves’ content landscape changing once again, it’ll be exciting to see what limited-time events players will have to encounter in the wake of Lost Treasures’ implementation.

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