Ride 4's October Release Date Revealed In Gameplay Trailer

RIDE 4 is back on the race track this October, with a new gameplay trailer ready to show off all the new details that are lurking under its hood. In a new press release, developer Milestone says that the latest footage features an in-engine look at several new motorcycle models, with each two-wheeler revealing “incredible bike details that have been perfectly reproduced from their real-life counterparts.”

“All bike models in RIDE 4 have been created from the ground up using the most advanced technologies and the original CAD and 3D scans of real models, to bring to life authentic and lifelike replicas of the most iconic motorcycles, even the rarest and most exclusive ones.”


RIDE 4 will also feature a redesigned career mode that will eventually lead players to challenge the best that two-wheeled motorsports have to offer in the ultimate championships. If players are seeking an even greater challenge, they can also attempt to outlast the competition in the new Endurance mode, which Milestone describes as “the hardest challenge that only the best virtual riders can face,” and also features “level of realism and authenticity with dynamic lighting and weather conditions, and Pit Stops for tires and fuel management.”

Our last run on Milestone circuit was back in 2017’s RIDE 2, which didn’t exactly leave critic John Robertson yearning for more of the studio’s flavor of motorcycle racing.

“On paper, then, Ride 2 is an exciting proposition that bundles the promises of aspirational game design with the raw power and fun associated with motorbikes,” Robertson wrote in GameSpot’s Ride 2 review.

RIDE 4 will be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 8 October 2020.

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