Rainbow Six Siege Teases New Operators Ace And Melusi

The next operation for Rainbow Six Siege is coming, and Ubisoft has teased its two new operators ahead of the official announcement. Operation Steel Wave will get a full reveal on May 18 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, but Ubisoft has provided us with the first tease of the two new operators.

The teaser shows both of the operators–the defender, Melusi, explains her philosophy of how force is used by predators, and then the attacker, Ace, confidently boasts of his ability to find you no matter where you might be.

This follows another teaser, delivered via Morse Code, which said “SOS” (and also, apparently mistakenly, “IOS”). That’s the classic distress signal, which fits right in with Ubisoft’s recent bio page for the two characters. According to it, Ace is a paramedic who went to work search-and-rescue operations for the UN. Melusi is an anti-poaching operative with surveillance expertise.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of 11 titles that have sold more than 10 million copies this generation, and a likely candidate to be ported to the next-gen. It also was recently re-reviewed at GameSpot, joining the list of games we’ve given a 10/10 score.

“Rainbow Six Siege has always been a game about making tactical decisions and dealing with their consequences, but with every new year of operators and changes, the options have been refined and increased to make for firefights that are as engaging as they are unpredictable,” Mat Paget wrote in GameSpot’s updated Rainbow Six Siege review. “Learning the various operators and how to breach or protect a room with them can be a slow crawl, but Siege makes it easy to understand what your mistakes are, thanks in part to seeing both sides of every match. It rewards patience, persistence, and teamwork, and over the past four years, Siege has not only become Ubisoft’s crown jewel of multiplayer action but also one of the best first-person shooters ever made.”

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