PS5 Reveal Event: Arkane Studios' FPS Deathloop Looks A Lot Like Dishonored

We haven’t heard much about Arkane Studio’s Deathloop since its announcement at E3 2019, but a new trailer during Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event confirms the first-person shooter is headed to next-gen consoles. The new trailer gives a sense of the story, in which you play an assassin locked in a timeloop so they can be hunted down and murdered over and over again.

Deathloop is about “rival assassins locked in a timeloop,” and the trailer gives a better sense of Deathloop’s gameplay than we’ve had in the past. The game looks a lot like Dishonored–you’ll wield a number of weapons, like various firearms and blades, while also utilizing special powers that can lift enemies into the air or toss them. There’s also a Blink-like teleport that looks very similar to that ability in the Dishonored games.

Every time you’re killed, you restart the timeloop, and it sounds like your goal is to take down eight assassination targets before midnight, and without being killed, in order to break free. Stealth also looks like a big component of gameplay, allowing you to kill enemies silently with suppressed weapons or with up-close lethal takedowns.


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