Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's New Holiday Joy Fest Is Live On PC

A new Holiday Joy Fest in the Seliana Gathering Hub is taking place in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Live through March 12 and only on PC, the event includes new festive decor, new food platters, new armor and weapon pendants, and special event quests.

Each day you login, you’ll receive an event-exclusive Joyful ticket. It can be used in a variety of ways like crafting an Oolong Armor or a Lucky Crimson Tiger Pendant, and for your Palico, a Shishi-mai outfit. (You’ll need other materials as well, of course.) Players can also exchange the Joyful ticket for Melding ticket to the Elder Melder and try their luck at getting Armor Skill Decorations. Melding tickets can also be obtained by helping the Steamworks.

A rarer type of ticket, the VIP Joyful ticket, will also be available. You can come across them while helping Low Rank & High Rank hunters and during special event quests. To increase your chances of getting one, you’ll need to craft the standard Oolong Armor and wear it during the aforementioned activities.

Speaking of event quests, four more have appeared: A Chilling Entrance, Muscle Monkey Madness, Scores of Ores, and Duffel Duty. You can craft a unique gear from each, including the Sealed Dragon Cloth, Buff Body, Mad Scavenger Pickaxe, and Duffel Penguin Mask, respectively.

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