KartRider: Drift's Second Closed Beta Is Live Now

Kart racing fans rejoice! KartRider: Drift’s second closed beta is now live, and players who have been accepted can download the game and jump right into Nexon’s latest free-to-play racing game.

If you’ve been wanting to get into the beta but haven’t been able to yet, our KartRider: Drift beta code giveaway is still active for a few more hours so enter now! Players can continue registering for the game even while the beta is active—the cut-off date is June 8.

Those who experienced the first wave of beta testing for KartRider: Drift will notice a number of in-game improvements, including a totally redone UI, a cleaner HUD, a rearview mirror, and other balance changes to make your racing experience more realistic. This second wave of the closed beta also introduces a new character, Diz, and new courses for players to try out along with a variety of cosmetic upgrades.

For those who have obtained access but who are new to kart racing, there’s now a Racing School mode as well which lets you strap on your training wheels to enjoy some low-stakes practice races. Those accessing KartRider: Drift’s second closed beta will also benefit from daily login bonuses including new karts, and a White Cloud Balloon item when the game officially launches.

As of June 3, the beta is now live globally and can be accessed via the Nexon Launcher, Steam, and on Xbox One (with the exception of China and Japan). The game has cross-platform capability, which means that you and your mates don’t have to all be on same type of console to enjoy racing each other. There is no firm release date for the title yet, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled. For more information on the closed beta specifically, check out the official KartRider: Drift website.

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