Halo: The Master Chief Collection: Custom Game Browser Mockups Shown Off

Among the many new and exciting features coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in the future is a custom game browser that will let players take part in various custom games.

In a new blog post, developer 343 Industries showed off some mockup images of the custom game browser and discussed how it will work. The custom game browser is tentatively slated to come to Halo: MCC with the launch or after Halo 4’s release on PC later this year. You can see the mockup images below, but note that it is subject to change. The custom game browser is not yet working in the game, but the teams are working on it.

“One of our key goals for the CGB, is to allow players to locate games you want to play quickly and easily so you can get into game fast without a headache of too many options and menus,” 343 said. “To accomplish this, we are going to keep the tool simple.”

You’ll find the custom game browser from the multiplayer menu screen, and from there, you can make other choices including Quickmatch, Browse, Filter, and Create. Quickmatch takes you into a custom game that the matchmaking algorithm chooses. The Browse selection opens up another menu from which you can view the custom games currently in rotation and choose one, while the Filter option does just that–it lets you filter which gametypes you want to play and which games you want to play. The Create option allows you to make a custom game that will then live inside the browser.

343 has released mockups for the Filter and Browser screens, but again, remember that all of this is subject to change. There are no mockups available yet for the other options.

The custom game browser is just one of many new features scheduled for MCC this year. Others include crossplay, input-based matchmaking, server region selection, mouse & keyboard support on Xbox One, and file sharing on PC, among many others.

In other Halo news, Microsoft has delayed Halo Infinite. The game was scheduled to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X, but it’s now slated for release sometime in 2021.

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