Division 2 Story Leak Confirmed By Ubisoft

Players of The Division 2 might want to be careful if they don’t want spoilers. Ubisoft has recently acknowledged a major Division 2 story leak thanks to some audio files left over on the Public Test Server (PTS) which hint at the reappearance of old The Division characters and more.

Massive Entertainment, the studio working on The Division 2, appears to have kept audio files on the PTS which give away the story for the next three seasons of Manhunt targets in the game. For the uninitiated, Manhunts are missions available to those who own the Warlords of New York expansion pack. Essentially, your job is to hunt down major antagonist Aaron Keener, and eliminate his lieutenants along the way.

Each season, Manhunts for new agents (called rogue agents) are introduced, allowing players who have reached Level 40 to continue gallivanting through the city streets in search of bounty targets to take down in exchange for skill mods.

The spoilers in question that have been leaked for The Division 2’s upcoming Manhunts mean that the targets for Seasons 2 to 4 of these missions have been exposed. If you don’t want to experience any spoilers, then don’t read past this point. To brush up on your understanding of Manhunts, feel free to read the official Ubisoft FAQ on these missions linked here.

If you’ve ended up at this part of the post, then read on for spoilers relating to the targets for the next three seasons of Manhunts. These were posted on Reddit by user definitalyanalt16, but they were later confirmed in part by Chris Gansler from the Ubisoft team chiming in on the thread and acknowledging that the leak post contained spoilers.

According to the Reddit post, the Season 2 Manhunt target is a recurring character from the first Division gameHornet. The other Manhunt targets in Season 2 will also reportedly be named after various bugs, including Termite, with Hornet’s appearance notable specifically because it was assumed he had been killed in the previous franchise entry.

The Season 3 Manhunt targets will be led by Bardon of the Black Tusks, and there will be the introduction of a mysterious new character called Natalia Sokolov. It’s unclear how Sokolov plays into the overall narrative of Warlords of New York quite yet, but the leak suggests that doing away with the Season 3 Manhunt target will award players with the Shrapnel Trap skill.

Finally, the Season 4 Manhunt target will be Faye Lau, who is a character that players of The Division will remember for being on, well, the hero’s side. This is potentially the biggest story twist of them all, as it’s rumored in the leaks that the player agent is framed by Faye Lau for the murder of President Ellisa narrative move that will undoubtedly send shockwaves throughout the world of The Division 2.

If the leaks are to be considered reliable, then Ubisoft’s confirmation appears to suggest that Manhunts may be treated as a new way to flesh out the existing narrative campaign of The Division 2 in-between expansions. Gansler was careful to say that all material was subject to change even while confirming its spoiler status, so it will be interesting to see how much of what was reported on Reddit makes it to the final cut for the launch of those Manhunt seasons.

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