Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Lets You Delete Bits To Save Storage Space

It’s no secret that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a pretty storage-intensive title. However, Activision has recently confirmed that you can delete portions of the game that you’re not using in order to save space.

A few days ago, the official Activision support Twitter account posted about players being able to remove unused Modern Warfare content if they choose to. It looks like downloading the game includes a number of separate installs that can be safely removed without affecting your gameplay experience so long as you only remove content that you’re not wanting to use.

According to a post on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare support forums, the separate gaming installs that you can opt-out of and uninstall to save space are as follows:

  • Data Pack 1 (required to access Campaign, Multiplayer, and Special Ops)
  • Campaign Pack 1 (Xbox One only) (required to play Campaign)
  • Campaign Pack 2 (Xbox One only) (required to play Campaign)
  • Multiplayer Pack (Xbox One only) (required to play Multiplayer)
  • Multiplayer Pack 2 (required to play Multiplayer)
  • Special Ops Pack (required to play Special Ops)
  • Special Ops Pack 2 (required to play Special Ops)
  • Survival Pack (PlayStation 4 only) (required to play Special Ops Survival)

To access the ability to uninstall any of the above packs, players have to navigate to the Game Installs menu on their installation. Regardless of which console you own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on, this is accessed via the Options menu, then the General tab. Players can then pick and choose the data that they want to keep i.e. a player who isn’t big on Multiplayer may choose to uninstall the Multiplayer content in order to save space.

In other recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare news, a small patch has just gone live which fixes a bug where players were spawning outside the map in Scrapyard, and tweaks the frequency of some Warzone in-match events.

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