Blankos Block Party Announced At PC Gaming Show

If collecting vinyl toys is up your alley, then you’re going to want to keep an eye out for Blankos Block Party. The debut title of developer Mythical, it’s a self-described “party MMO” that will let you hang out with friends and crate levels in a colorful, arcade-style world.

Blankos Block Party was announced during the PC Gaming Show and flexed a bunch of ways that players and friends could dig into the game’s massive multiplayer universe. Billed as a game about “where toys go when a human leaves the room” by Chief Creative Officer, Jamie Jackson, it’ll let you play as a vinyl toy in a world where the only limit appears to be your imagination.

Players will be able to race against each other, take part in team-shooter-type activities, enjoy a bunch of minigames, and even create their own levels that can then be shared with the game’s community. If you’ve always wanted to flex those creative muscles, you can do so now, with all of the in-game perks like jetpacks and other cosmetics there to aid you.

Those who want to stay up to date on the latest with the game can start the process by securing an account name on the official Blankos Block Party website. If the wait for its launch seems a bit onerous, there are plenty of titles out now that you can dig into. Check out our list of games announced during the Guerrilla Collective event that are either currently available in some form or making their way to platforms very soon.

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