Apex Legends Season 5 Adds Seasonal Quests, Ditches Weekly Challenges

Fortune’s Favor is the latest patch for Apex Legends Season 5, and Respawn Entertainment has been making some major alterations to the game. The development team has been working on solutions to known problems that have been popping up in the game, along with adding the new playable character Loba, and tweaking the challenge system for players to earn more rewards. The system should be much less frustrating, particularly for people who don’t want to make sure they log in every single week in order to complete challenges.

As of the new patch, location weekly challenges have been removed, with the developers choosing to give players seasonal quests instead. The new season quest: The Broken Ghost, will run for the entirety of season 5. Players will need to search for nine pieces of a mysterious relic. To get started, find your first daily Treasure Pack in any competitive match.

Kings Canyon was also updated, with Skulltown and the Thunderdome gone from the map. A new POI, Salvage, has been added to the Broken Coast. Wetlands has been replaced by the excavation of the Capacitor and now connects via an underground pathway to Singh Labs. Nesting Grounds and the Reclaimed Forest have merged together even more, with a small camp being added outside of The Cage.

Kings Canyon will be the only map available for two weeks after the season launch, so players will be able to complete some of the season quest in this map during this time. After the initial two weeks, Map Rotation will begin again, adding World’s Edge Season 4 as an option once again.

For more on the patch notes, check out the developer update blog post. Check out our full guide on where to find Treasure Packs and unlock the first step to the Hunt.

The new patch is live now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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