Free Passport Creator Lets You Show Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Friend Code

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out on Nintendo Switch, and fans are now eagerly building their island retreats. New Horizons takes players to a deserted island via the Nook Inc. charter plane. Once you arrive, you’ll create your own paradise by gathering natural resources, crafting items, and building a community from scratch–you can read all about it in our Animal Crossing: New Horizons review-in-progress.

Of course, Animal Crossing is more fun with friends, and fans have put together fun ways to share their friend codes and island names. First shared in a post on Reddit, this free Animal Crossing passport and boarding pass generator was created by user T0Rtur3 (with designs by user Celesmeh), and you can check out examples of what these look like below. When creating your passport, you can choose from a few stock character designs and stamps as well as input your name, friend code, and the name of your island. There aren’t a ton of customization options, but this is still a really cute way of sharing your friend code with other players.

The boarding pass doesn’t include a place to list your friend code, but you can list your real-life city, airport code, and seat number to generate what your own ticket aboard the Nook, Inc. charter might look like. After creating your boarding pass and passport, you can download them directly or actually print out.

There’s a ton of Animal Crossing merchandise out to celebrate the launch of New Horizons, and it’s all incredibly cute. Plus, be sure to check out GameSpot’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons review-in-progress for our impressions of the final game.

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3.6 Rank rates the top 50 Project M players of all time

The 3.6 Rank has rated the top 50 Project M version 3.6 players of all time. Ryan “Sabre” Weinberg revealed the rankings via Smashboards from Feb. 17 – April 2. Version 3.6 was the final version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod Project M prior to Project+. As a result, 3.6 was the primary version of Project M used by the competitive community for about four years.

Though Project+ began development in 2018, it has become increasingly popular since the release of version 2.0 earlier this month. To commemorate this next phase for Project M, Sabre created a ranking to honor the best players of its previous phase.

The Project M 3.6 rankings are as follows:

  1. Xayya “ThundeRzReiGN” Thammavongsa
  2. Jonathan Sosa
  3. Malachi Covington
  4. Zachary “Lunchables” Sain
  5. Kyle “Switch” Carlon
  6. Nick “Flipp” Filippides
  7. Arjun “Junebug” Rao
  8. Forrest Griffin
  9. Alex “Hyperflame” Mireles
  10. Tyler “Fuzz” Graves
  11. Michael “techboy” Leleniewski
  12. Brian “dvd” Sherbert
  13. Raseen “BaconPancakes” Khan
  14. Arjun “lloD” Malhotra
  15. Kyle “Kysce” Carrero
  16. Evan “Sothe” Cunningham
  17. Pete “Envy” Grieco
  18. Anthony Gallo
  19. Brandon “StereoKiDD” Boom
  20. Jose “Jose V” Villasana
  21. Aaron “Professor Pro” Thomas
  22. Dustin “Darc” Hayes
  23. Michael “Emukiller” Silbernagel
  24. Jake “Frozen” Somma
  25. David “iPunchKidsz” Vargas
  26. Messiah “Phresh” Williams
  27. Brian “Blank” Sosa
  28. Parker “Boringman” Boring
  29. Will “Twisty” Gomez
  30. Antoine “Anther” Sledge
  31. Peter “Pikmon” Woodworth
  32. Michael “LUCK” Provonsil
  33. Aleck “Aki” Henderson
  34. Kevin “The Doctor” Ascate
  35. Jacob “Dirtboy” Smith
  36. Rob “Oracle” Dickson
  37. Joshua “Morsecode762” Morse
  38. Brad “Rongunshu” Sanderson
  39. Jake “Venom” Hefner
  40. Neil “Filthy Casual” Goel
  41. Corey “Machiavelli” Fields
  42. Adam “Strong Badam” Oliver
  43. Aidan Shea
  44. Thomas “Silver” Manning
  45. Luke “Yung Quaff” Ferris
  46. Ivan “Ivayne” Castaneda
  47. Nick Boiko
  48. Giovanny “ilovebagelz” Garcia
  49. Kyler “XYK” Curtis
  50. Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma

A closer look at the 3.6 Rank

ThundeRzReiGN earned his spot at No. 1 on the 3.6 Rank through several years of consistently high-level performances. He was considered the best Project M player in the world throughout both 2016 and 2017. While he was semi-retired in 2018, he still earned a spot on every PMRank, never ranking lower than No. 4.

As the only other players to finish 1st on a PMRank, Sosa and Malachi understandably round out the top 3. Malachi has finished in the top 5 for every Project M season since the PMRank began in 2016. While Sosa was inactive in 2019, he was consistently ranked top 3 in the world from 2016 to 2018.

Considering he is a top 25 Melee player, it is impressive that lloD has found ever greater success with PM. He is one of many active Super Smash Bros. Melee players to reach even greater heights in Project M. Others include Forrest, Professor Pro, Morsecode762, and ilovebagelz. Conversely, Hungrybox only finished as No. 50 on the 3.6 Rank, despite being the best Melee player in the world.

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Mortal Shell Looks Like A Mix Of Dark Souls And Warframe

From developers behind Metro: Exodus, Ghost of Tsushima, World of Warcraft, and more comes Mortal Shell–an action-RPG with Dark Souls influences, set for launch later this year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

From developer Cold Symmetry, Mortal Shell includes the deliberate combat that has been popularized by From Software’s Souls series, with role-playing elements that let you upgrades weapons and skills as you explore a non-linear open-world. The reveal trailer below sets its tone well, with a more horror-focused atmosphere than that of its influences.

One aspect of Mortal Shell that stands out is the shells themselves. You’ll physically wear the empty bodies of fallen warriors, each of which will play with different fighting styles and abilities. You can get comfortable with a shell and upgrade it further, letting you choose your style of play and adapt accordingly with items and weapons on top of it.

Mortal Shell has been in development for over two years, with Cold Symmetry comprising of only 15 employees. It’s three co-founders–Andrew McLennan-Murray, Anton Gonzalez, and Vitaly Bulgarov–are excited to finally show off the studio’s work. “The last two years have been a time of non-stop growth, full of shocking revelations of sheer complexity that goes into creating a video game that you, yourself, would really enjoy playing,” a press release from the studio reads.

Mortal Shell isn’t too far away either, with a planned launch in Q3 2020. You can apply to play the beta on the game’s official website, although details of the test are not yet known.

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One-Year Subscription Of PS Plus On Sale For $37.50

PlayStation Plus, one of the best deals in gaming, is going for an extra-great price right now.

Over at Ebay, you can get a year of PS Plus on sale for $37.50 via reputable seller NeoGames. While the listing describes the product as a “subscription card,” this is an emailed code you’ll receive within 24 hours, according to the reviews. After receiving the code, you can then redeem it in the PlayStation Store. If you already have a membership, it’ll be extended by 12 months.

The listing mentions that there are “limited quantity available,” so make sure to take advantage of this deal while it lasts. A 12-month PS Plus subscription rarely drops below $40, so it’s worth snagging a code at this price when you see it.

PS Plus grants access to online multiplayer as well as free monthly games. This month, members can claim Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces at no cost. March’s free PS Plus games are available until April 7, when they’ll be replaced by April’s free PS Plus games: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Dirt Rally 2.0.

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Another Small Animal Crossing Update Out Now, Patch Notes Detailed

A day after dropping an update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch, Nintendo has released another smaller patch for the life-sim. Though it may be a tiny update, you can check out the patch notes below.

This new version 1.1.3 update should fix New Horizons’ balloons, which are not only spawning at an increased rate thanks to the Bunny Day in-game event but may be blocked from appearing thanks to a bug. According to Nintendo’s patch notes, these issues should be ironed out now.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons v1.1.3 Update Patch Notes


  • Addressed an issue where balloons would no longer fly over the island under certain circumstances.

New Horizons is currently undergoing an Easter-like Bunny Day event, in which a chipper hare named Zipper T. Bunny comes around your island and hide eggs all over the place. The balloons can be used to help you complete Bunny Day challenges and acquire a variety of DIY recipes to use at your disposal.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons News And Guides

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  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fish Guide
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Guide
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – New Fish And Bugs In April
  • How To Crossbreed Flowers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest game in the life-sim series. The last entry was the 2017 mobile title Pocket Camp and before that, the last mainline Animal Crossing game was 2013’s New Leaf. We scored the latest sequel an 8/10 in our New Horizons review-in-progress, with reviews editor Kallie Plagge saying she is “as excited to see what random events await me each morning as I am to decorate my island and make it my own, and that’s sure to keep me coming back for the foreseeable future.”

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CouRageJD shows off amazing Jett clip in Valorant early access game

The long wait is over, and there’s finally real footage of Riot Games’ Valorant out in the open. Content creators are now able to showcase gameplay from the early access event they were invited to last weekend. A plethora of streamers are live on Twitch watching their own gameplay and the prerecorded Twitch Rivals event. If you want early access to the Valorant beta, you must be watching these streams. If you do manage to get access to the beta, then you can play Valorant on April 7 and get to play as of all of the Agents. You might even be lucky enough to secure a clip like the one Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop has shown off with Jett on social media.

Jett proves to be overpowered in Valorant clip by CouRageJD

Yesterday, Riot Games released a gameplay trailer of a new Agent, Jett. This elusive speedster is perfect for those players who like to zoom around the map quickly and play aggressively. Overwatch fans can compare her to Hanzo, as they both possess wall-climbing abilities.

However, perhaps the deadliest part about Jett is her Ultimate Ability, Blade Storm. This ability equips several deadly throwing knives that can kill in one headshot. Pair this with Jett’s Dash ability and there’s no stopping her. 100 Thieves star CouRageJD shows off just how unstoppable she can be in this Valorant clip.

Save round…
They already planted bomb…

This is the most insane Valorant clutch ever…

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Obviously a crazy series of events, CouRage takes full advantage of Jett’s abilities to secure the 1v5 clutch. Being able to throw down a smoke cloud and then dash over it is extremely useful. This, along with the Blade Storm ability and some nifty shooting, nets CouRage the round.

With Valorant designed the way it is, this won’t be the only crazy clip we see. Players from all skill levels should be able to pull off feats like this when the closed beta arrives on April 7.

Will you try to play the beta? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Valorant news.

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Lawsuit Against Nintendo Switch Claims Infringement, Seeks To Halt Sales

Gamevice, the company behind a variety of controller solutions for iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices, is attempting to sue Nintendo over the Nintendo Switch for a second time.

According to GoNintendo, Gamevice cites similarities between the Nintendo Switch and its own mobile controllers, many of which are also designed around the idea of split controller that connect to your phone or tablet on either side. The Switch’s design is similar, and Gamevice claims it infringes on their own patents in the US. It’s seeking a legal order to prevent the import of Switch consoles from Japan.

This is familiar territory for Nintendo. Gamevice has previously attempted to sue the company for a similar cause, citing infringement on 19 of its patents. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board ruled in favor of Nintendo in that case (a ruling which Gamevice is still appealing), but will now need to preside over a separate case with similar circumstances. If successful, Gamevice could prevent the sale of Nintendo Switch consoles in the US.

That would be disastrous for Nintendo, considering how popular the console is in the West. Right now, it’s still difficult to find Switch stock anywhere (although we can help with that) given how popular its latest exclusive, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is. It might be a while before anything comes of this legal action, if ever, so don’t panic purchase a Switch just yet.

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Magic: The Gathering Prints Card With "Death Corona" In Title, Changing It To "Void Invader"

Wizards of the Coast may have accidentally printed a card that references the word “corona” in their upcoming Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths set. And worse, that card might have been Spacegodzilla.

So we’ve got a lot to unpack here, and we’re going to start with the set arriving in Magic: The Gathering. It’s called Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, and like many previous Magic sets, it’s going to focus on big scary monsters. In the case of Ikoria, those monsters are going to be very kaiju-focused as Wizards has tapped Toho Studios to get the rights to Godzilla.

Yes, you read that right: Godzilla is going to be on a Magic card.

Actually, there will be several Godzillas on several Magic cards. One of those cards is SpaceGodzilla, which is actually a clone of regular Godzilla that arrived from space (hence the name) Although SpaceGodzilla and 16 other cards will have their own special art, they’ll actually be special promo prints of beasts that already exist in Ikoria.

In SpaceGodzilla’s case, he’s actually a promo version of Void Beckoner called “Spacegodzilla, Void Invader.” Although, that’s not what he was called initially.

According to DailyMTG editor-in-chief Blake Rasmussen, “Spacegodzilla, Void Invader” used to be called “Spacegodzilla, Death Corona.” The name was decided months before the coronavirus pandemic and is actually a reference to SpaceGodzilla’s special attack, Corona Beam–both of which seem to have very unfortunate names in the current era.

Realizing how horrible it would mean to even mention the word “corona” after thousands, perhaps even millions of people are expected to die in the coronavirus pandemic, Wizards of the Coast changed the name to be something slightly less offensive. They even made a special statement about it on Thursday.

However, the first printings of Ikoria have already gone through, which means there are a certain number of Spacegodzilla, Death Coronas already sitting in unopened packs. There’s nothing that can be done to change them now, and all WotC can do is change the name in future printings and in the online Magic Arena.

For anyone lucky enough to have pre-ordered some packs, you might pull yourself a copy of Spacegodzilla, Death Corona, a card that will be extremely rare and thus extremely valuable to collectors (as noted by certain Redditors).

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Google’s AI teaches robots how to move by watching dogs

Google researchers developed an AI system that learns from the motions of animals to give robots greater agility, reveals a preprint paper and blog post published this week. The coauthors believe their approach could bolster the development of robots that can complete tasks in the real world, for instance transporting materials between multilevel warehouses and fulfillment centers.

The teams’ framework takes a motion capture clip of an animal — a dog, in this case — and uses reinforcement learning, a training technique that spurs software agents to complete goals via rewards, to train a control policy. Providing the system with different reference motions enabled the researchers to “teach” a four-legged Unitree Laikago robot to perform a range of behaviors, they say, from fast walking (at a speed of up to 2.6 miles per hour) to hops and turns.

To validate their approach, the researchers first compiled a data set of real dogs performing various skills. (Training largely took place in a physics simulation so that the pose of the reference motions could be closely tracked.) Then, by using the different motions in the reward function (which describes how agents out to behave), the researchers trained with about 200 million samples a simulated robot to imitate motion skills.

Google robot simulation

But simulators generally provide only a coarse approximation of the real world. To address this, the researchers employed an adaptation technique that randomized the dynamics in the simulation, for example varying physical quantities like the robot’s mass and friction. These values were mapped using an encoder to a numerical representation — i.e., an encoding — which was passed as an input to the robot control policy. When deploying the policy to a real robot, the researchers removed the encoder and searched directly for a set of variables that allowed the robot to successfully execute skills.

The team says that they were able to adapt a policy to the real world using less than 8 minutes of real-world data across approximately 50 trials. Moreover, they demonstrated that the real-world robot learned to imitate various motions from a dog, including pacing and trotting, as well as artist-animated keyframe motions like a dynamic hop-turn.

“We show that by leveraging reference motion data, a single learning-based approach is able to automatically synthesize controllers for a diverse repertoire [of] behaviors for legged robots,” wrote the coauthors in the paper. “By incorporating sample efficient domain adaptation techniques into the training process, our system is able to learn adaptive policies in simulation that can then be quickly adapted for real-world deployment.”

Google robot simulation

The control policy wasn’t perfect — owing to algorithmic and hardware limitations, it couldn’t learn highly dynamic behaviors like large jumps and runs and it wasn’t as stable as the best manually-designed controllers. (In 5 episodes for a total of 15 trials per method, the real-world robot fell on average after 6 seconds while pacing; after 5 seconds while backward trotting; 9 seconds while spinning; and 10 seconds while hop-turning.) The researchers leave to future work improving the robustness of the controller and developing frameworks that can learn from other sources of motion data, such as video clips.

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Save Big On Great Animal Crossing, Baby Yoda Merch

Pop culture retailer BoxLunch is currently holding a huge online sale featuring hundreds of products for buy two, get two free. Eligible items include merch from Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. BoxLunch’s selection of Animal Crossing merch is particularly impressive, with a handful of plushies and dozens of cute shirts up for grabs. And if you’re looking for the most adorable tumbler around to keep your drinks at the desired temperature, Baby Yoda has you covered. You can browse the full sale at BoxLunch and check out some of our picks below.

If you’re looking for more Animal Crossing merch, we have a huge New Horizons merch roundup featuring all of the best Switch accessories, Funko Pops, and more you can buy right now. We’ve also compiled all of the Baby Yoda toys you can pre-order now.

Animal Crossing plush | $16.90-$18.90

BoxLunch has five Animal Crossing plushies available in the sale, including two of our favorite K.K. Slider and Isabelle designs shown above.

  • DJ K.K. Slider — $15.12
  • Isabelle — $13.52
  • Tom Nook — $13.52
  • Brewster — $13.52
  • Cyrus — $13.52

Animal Crossing shirts | $23.12-$24.72

Is it possible to own too many video game-themed T-shirts? We don’t think so. BoxLunch has dozens of Animal Crossing T-shirts available to purchase in the promotion. Most adult-sized shirts are around $23.12. We’re especially fond of the Isabelle and “Periodic Table of Villagers” shirts shown above.

Baby Yoda Tumblers | $28

Rather than arguing with your significant other over who gets to use the Baby Yoda tumbler, you can argue over which Baby Yoda tumbler you get to use that day. BoxLunch has options, one with the iconic scene showing Baby Yoda sipping soup and another chibi design that is positively adorable.

Baby Yoda Vintage Poster sweatshirt | $36

BoxLunch has a variety of Baby Yoda apparel, from T-shirts to long sleeves to hoodies and much more. This sweatshirt is one of the cooler designs, as it features a vintage poster graphic and Baby Yoda in his floating bassinet.

Baby Yoda wallets | $15.12-$24

Spending cash on Baby Yoda merch isn’t hard to do, but what if you spend your money on Baby Yoda merch that can store your money? BoxLunch has multiple predictably cute Baby Yoda wallets. The zippered “Protect, Attack, Snack” wallet shown above costs $29.90. Alternatively, you can get a folding wallet with Baby Yoda’s chibi design for $18.90.

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