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If you've got a temper on you, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Mild-mannered boffins say getting angry like the Hulk is the key to success. They say being filled with ambition and rage – like Sir Alex “hairdryer” Ferguson and tennis brat John McEnroe – massively boosts the likelihood of achieving goals.

Professor Heather Lench, from Texas A&M University’s psychological and brain sciences department, said: “People often believe that a state of happiness is ideal, and the majority of people consider the pursuit of happiness a major life goal.

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“The view that positive emotion is ideal for mental health and well-being has been prominent in lay and psychological accounts of emotion but previous research suggests that a mix of emotions, including negative emotions like anger, oral b ortho essentials program result in the best outcomes.”

The boff’s research team reached the conclusion ‘Hulking out’ was better when it came to achieving goals after finding people who got angry during a series of game tasks achieved better results.

Prof Lench added: “These findings demonstrate that anger increases effort toward attaining a desired goal, frequently resulting in greater success.

“People often prefer to use positive emotions as tools more than negative and tend to see negative emotions as undesirable and maladaptive.

“Our research adds to the growing evidence that a mix of positive and negative emotions promotes well-being, and that using negative emotions as tools can be particularly effective in some situations.”

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