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A woman has revealed how her 12-hour sleeping habit turned out to be a worrying sign that she was suffering with an eating disorder.

Former Miss Universe winner, Rachael Finch, has spoken all about how she worked to recover from the condition during her earlier modelling days.

The Aussie model and Kissed Earth co-founder was only 15-years-old when she started to develop quite an unhealthy relationship with her body.

She described the period to Women’s Health magazine as a “rollercoaster journey”.

“I went through a very unhealthy stage where I was over-exercising; I was under-eating. I was internalising that I was way too heavy and way too big,” Rachael told the publication.

She then started to grow concerned when she started falling asleep at 7pm, and wouldn't wake until 7am the following morning.

Even though having such a lengthy kip may seem like a total dream for some, sertraline side effects vertigo it turned out to be quite a big warning signal that there was something very wrong.

She continued: "I was still waking tired. I lost my menstrual cycle for over two years.

"I look back now and I think, ‘Well, of course [my cycle] wasn’t happening. My body wasn’t functioning the way it needed to.

"It wasn’t being given what it needed.’"

Back then Rachael only weighed 57-58kg (around 9st), but she went down to around 52kg (8.1st), and said she was "so light".

The model said she also recalls feeling quite pressured to have breast implants when she was only 17-years-old, because she was told she needed to "balance out her body".

Ever since the model, now 34, has been constantly working to improve the relationship she has with her body.

This led her to having her implants removed in 2021.

The mum-of-two told Body + Soul she has felt more content since she she underwent the reduction back last year.

"I feel the most content, comfortable and happy that I’ve felt in my whole life," she told them.

“I feel like I’m truly myself. I’m not in any other skin than my own, and that’s a really empowering sensation.”

Rachael has also spoken openly about she hopes to break down barriers, and get more people talking about the difficulty of experiencing an eating disorder.

More recently the wellness influencer posted on Instagram to talk about her journey. She told her followers “it was all about counting calories, restrictive portions and excessive training".

Even though she admits it's still "not all perfect now", the model claimed she has since got to a place where it's "a thousand times better than what it was."

Rachael has said her new outlook on life has been inspired by various things including holistic health, bio-individuality and tapping into intuition.

“It’s taken years of inner self-work to learn how to live in absolute abundance and appreciation and every day there’s still new lessons popping up,” Rachael said in a separate post.

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