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There are a few things all boy moms can relate to: never-ended potty jokes, bedrooms that always smell weird, and a hunger that never seems satisfied. Yet, something tells us we’re going to miss this when our little boys grow up and move out, which Kate Hudson proves with a recent video. In it, she’s celebrating a visit from her oldest son Ryder Robinson — complete with arm wrestling and bacon!

“He’s back…. 💪 🥓” the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery actress wrote on Instagram over the weekend. She also shared a video, in which she’s leaning over the island in the kitchen grasping the hand of her 18-year-old son, who she shares with ex Chris Robinson.

The video starts with Hudson talking about the bacon she’s cooking.

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“Got the bacon on,” she says, “So I have to, periactin narcotic like — I’m a little distracted.”

“All right,” Ryder responds, ready to get the competition underway. “Ready?”

Hudson says, “Wait,” then turns back to check her bacon cooking on the stovetop. “I was just checking my bacon.” Classic multi-tasking mom right there!

“Three, two, one, go,” Ryder says, and Hudson puts her game face on. The two grip each other’s arms, then Ryder quickly pushes his mom’s arm down. Lost the match in her own kitchen!

Hudson starts laughing then goes to check on the bacon. Greasy food and some light-hearted competition — what more could you want?

People were loving the cute video, with one person writing, “This is hands down, THE cutest mother/son duo.”

Another commented, “As a Mom of 2 teenage men I feel like I’m stronger than them…but who am I kidding 😂❤️.”

Someone else wrote, “Allll the feels with teen boys! One day they are taller and stronger…. And it’s 🥹💔.”

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Hudson is also mom to Bingham Hawn Bellamy, 11, with Matt Bellamy, and Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa, 4, with fiancé Danny Fujikawa. Back in August, the Almost Famous star wrote shared an impressive video of Ryder and Bingham making music together in the garage.

“My boys 🥰 What more could a mom ask for other than boys who play rock and are hilarious at the same time ✅,” she wrote. “@mr.ryderrobinson what a good big brother. We’re gonna miss you big time 😢 #offtocollege #guessthesong.”

These laidback days are all the more special as your kids get older!

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