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Just recently, Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram to launch a new product in her JLo beauty range and found herself on the receiving end of trolls. A cursory glance at the comments presents an audience in disbelief that at 51, a woman’s skin can show barely any signs of ageing, with JLo looking barely a day older than the woman we grew up with in the “Jenny from the Block” video. 

But according to the music star, entrepreneur and actress, she’s never had any botox, and instead she swears by natural beauty remedies like a good diet, adequate sleep and lots of water. There’s one beauty secret JLo also swears by – olive oil.

Her new line of beauty isn’t available in Australia just yet, but JLo told beauty editors over Zoom that she’s never had botox and that her wrinkle-free complexion is all down to oil oil that she’s been lathering on herself for decades. 

She says, “It’s a secret I’ve used over the years because it really does work.”

While we’re pretty sure there are other factors at play than olive oil alone – a Hollywood facial, buy generic aricept uk no prescription perhaps – we’re onboard the JLo train here at Women’s Health and know the star would champion a natural approach to diet and ageing, too.

Olive oil does have its benefits. It’s rich in beneficial skin goodies like essential fatty acids, antioxidants for protection against environmental damage, and is also anti-inflammatory. Olive oil is also an emollient, so like other oils, it’s super moisturising, hydrating and even prevents water loss. Some experts even suggests its rich in vitamins A, E and K which are good for collagen production and support and improving skin elasticity. 

So, until JLo Beauty launches locally in the coming months, perhaps it’s time we did beauty the JLo way and started smothering ourselves in olive oil.

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