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We have been know to lose our sweet minds when we see an exciting new grazing platter (we’re still not over salad grazing boards, to be honest), but the latest food trend is taking our charcuterie, or rather fruicutere (fruit and cheese) from a plate and into a Jar. Yep, Jarcuterie is making it’s way to your kitchen, buy online flagyl canadian pharmacy without prescription and it’s coming in strong.

The basic concept is exactly what it sounds like: serving your mezzo options packed into a cute jar or container. Generally single serves, it’s actually a super hygienic step away from grazing boards and helps you manage your portions. Well, it tries.

Sometimes called graze bouquets, these creations can hold anything from the usual suspects, like meat, cheese, olives, sliced fruit and nuts, while others include both sweet and savory ingredients, like dried fruit, fresh herbs, honeycomb, dark chocolate and breadsticks. Some of the most imaginative ones we have seen on Insta so far will even go as far as combining desserts or even sushi platters.

So how can you make your own?

All you need are a bunch of skewers or toothpicks, a collection of small mason jars or bowls and, if you like, decor like ribbons or butchers paper. Once you have your food products, make sure to put durable ingredients (like nuts or dried fruit) on the bottom and work your way up to soft ingredients (like fruit).

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely vibe these at my next dinner party. And if you’re on the same page, we’ve collected some of our faves to inspire you, below:
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