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Last year actress, model and mum-of-one, Kate Upton was working overtime during lockdown, building her strength and fitness through a series of challenging workouts. And, now it looks like she’s been keeping the momentum going with celebrity personal trainer Ben Bruno who revealed that he has been taking Upton’s exercises into the water.

In a recent Instagram post, Bruno shared a couple of clips of Kate performing a strength training circuit workout while partially submerged in a swimming pool.

Bruno, whose other famous clients include Jessica Biel and Chelsea Handler, allied technology inc explained in the caption that they frequently do upper and lower body training in the water: “The pool workouts look easy, but they’re actually really tough,” he said. “Here’s a clip of the hand weight circuit and the bar circuit, but we also do a bunch of lower body stuff, and sometimes we’ll bring the KBox or some dumbbells out by the pool and do a mix of weights and pool stuff.”

In addition to providing extra resistance during the weighted exercises, the wave motion created simply by moving in the water can lead to instability, putting more of a challenge on the core muscles. “I feel it!” Upton can be heard saying in the short clip. “My arms, they’re going to be ripped!”

It makes sense that Upton’s workouts would be so intense – the 29-year-old trains six days a week and smashed through 93 sessions in 108 days during quarantine. Bruno regularly shares clips of her smashing PRs on moves like the hip thrust and dumbbell squat to press, and cranking out reps on the landmine deadlift and the landmine single-leg Romanian deadlift with “more weight than most men do.” And throughout it all, he says, “she makes it look easy.”
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