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Navigating the holiday season is one of the most difficult parts of co-parenting, and actress Jana Kramer recently shared how “tough” this first Christmas will be sharing her kids with ex Mike Caussin.

In an interview with Extra on Dec. 8, Kramer said, “The kids will be with me till noon… which will be tough…To be able to have them this year on Christmas morning, I’m so grateful for that. I am just gonna soak up every second of that.”

The One Tree Hill alum, who stars in Lifetime’s The Holiday Fix Up airing Dec. 11, revealed that she didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with her kids, angiotensin ii type 1 blocker benicar so she is trying to enjoy the short time she has with them on Christmas day.

When asked if she would want one big Christmas party with her kids, Jolie, 5, and Jace, 3, and ex-husband, Kramer answered, “It’s not this year.” She added, “I considered it, but when I talked to my friends and my therapist…I decided I needed to make new memories…and so I wanted it to be just me and the kids, but then who knows in the future? I’m not against it.” We’re glad she’s taking her own mental-health needs into account when making this decision!

On Dec. 6, Kramer reflected on the hard day she learned her divorce was finalized, which happened while filming The Holiday Fix-Up. On Instagram, she wrote, “This one was one of the hardest behind the scenes days. The call. Happened July 22nd. I got the official call that I was divorced. 20 minutes before my pick up to set. I knew the day was coming but no one truly prepares you for how it hits you when you are told you are officially divorced. My dream of what I wanted for kids and family was officially shattered in this moment.”

Despite the challenges, Kramer’s honesty about the difficulties of co-parenting is very refreshing. We wish her and the kids a wonderful Christmas morning filled with happy memories!

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