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The closer you are to becoming a mom, the more you should be preparing for your delivery day. Whether you’re having a home birth or thinking about your hospital delivery bag and what you’re going to pack, buy generic baclofen online pharmacy without prescription soon-to-be moms should have a delivery and nursing gown. Sure, if you’re doing a home birth you can wear a nightgown you already have, and if you’re going to the hospital, they can give you a gown (you know the kind), but for this moment, you’ll want something new that you can wash with a gentle product and wear beforehand so it’ll have your smell for when your baby arrives and is cuddled up on you. Halsey just announced the birth of their baby, Ender Ridley Aydin, on Instagram today and in the first post-birth photo, they’re wearing the Frida Mom Delivery & Nursing Gown.

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