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The One Show: Michael Palin asks to be called 'Sir Michael'

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Since saying goodbye to Monty Python in the 1980s, the star turned his attention to making travel documentaries, mostly aired on the BBC. These incredible documentaries have taken the star across the world including the North and South Pole, Brazil and Caribbean, but after a heart scare the 78-year-old has had to drastically tone down his lifestyle.

The comedy writer was advised by doctors back in 2019 to have surgery to fix a “leaky mitral valve” – a condition that can affect how blood flows around the body.

The NHS explains that there are multiple different problems that can occur with the mitral valve including:

  • Mitral valve prolapse – the valve becomes too floppy
  • Mitral regurgitation – the valve leaks and blood flows the wrong way
  • Mitral stenosis – the valve does not open as wide as it should.

Although most of the time they are able to be effectively treated, if not the condition can become extremely serious.

Despite each mitral valve problem differing slightly, symptoms tend to be similar, and include the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Tiredness
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Heart palpitations.

However, for Palin, symptoms were non-existent and it was only after a routine health check that the condition was discovered.

Doctors revealed that contrary to being in perfect health, best way to get high off 1mg xanax Palin’s heart was having to work harder than normal, causing strain.

Talking about the unexpected diagnosis Palin said: “Until the beginning of this year it had not affected my general level of fitness.

“Recently, though, I have felt my heart having to work harder and have been advised it’s time to have the valve repaired.”

Mitral valve surgery aims to repair or replace the mitral valve in order to make them stronger and stop blood flowing in the wrong way.

Statistics suggest the NHS undertakes around 2,200 mitral valve repair operations each year.

However, many individuals with mild mitral valve problems may not need treatment right away. Instead symptoms and the severity of the condition will be monitored by doctors in a process known as “watchful waiting”.

As a result of his health scare Palin put his life into perspective, who has changed his lifestyle and habits.

Reflecting on his turbulent health via his blog he said: “My heart scare reminded me that my body isn’t indestructible and if I want to keep it that way I must know when to stop working as well as when to start again.

“Over the last year I discovered a rather enjoyable equilibrium, a balance between work and relaxation that for the first time in my life favoured the latter.

“After 40 years I’ve given up running, and taken to long walks instead.

“Running was a fierce and competitive fight with myself, justified largely by how good I felt afterwards. Walking is something to enjoy at the time.”

As well as changing his lifestyle habits, the star found himself with a lot more thinking time, especially when the Covid pandemic hit.

He added: “I’ve had a lot of thinking time. Because I had a heart operation about a year ago. After six months, I felt absolutely fine… and I feel terrific and then Covid started.

“So, I’ve had about a year in all of sort of being confined to home and seeing fewer people and not being able to contact people in quite the same way, or feeling the same human contact.

“And it does make you think, it makes you think a lot the about how best to spend your life and what we all do to our planet… for a while it gave me a still quiet moment.”

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