Where To Get Animal Crossing Amiibo To Use With Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo has confirmed Animal Crossing: New Horizons will have full Amiibo support. During a special Direct presentation last week, the company revealed all 16 existing Animal Crossing Amiibo and the 100-plus Amiibo cards will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch game when it launches March 20. As such, you might be looking to stock up on these adorable figures. To help you out, we’ve made a quick guide showing you where you can buy these figures and cards for a decent price.

It’s still possible to find Animal Crossing Amiibo at major retailers online, but you might end up paying extra. Isabelle’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo, for example, goes for roughly double its regular price at Amazon. Thankfully, stock is being refreshed at multiple retailers–it’s currently available at Walmart for $23.33 (though supplies look to be limited), and you can pre-order the Isabelle Amiibo from Best Buy and Target for its standard $16 price tag.

Unfortunately, the Isabelle Amiibo restock won’t be ready for New Horizons. Orders placed at Best Buy or Target will ship on April 17. If you absolutely need Isabelle’s Smash Bros. Amiibo before then, you can buy it right now at Walmart, though it’ll cost you extra.

Both Isabelle’s winter outfit and Isabelle’s summer outfit (which is very similar to the Smash Bros. figure) are very hard to find for a reasonable price. If you see it in stock, though, you will probably want to order soon, as prices of Animal Crossing Amiibo are bound to go up as we get closer to New Horizons’ launch.

In New Horizons, scanning Amiibo lets you invite characters to your campground and host photoshoots in the new Photopia mode. If those sound like features you’d be interested in, you can scoop up most Animal Crossing Amiibo for less than their regular retail prices at the moment. We’ve rounded up the best places to find most of the Animal Crossing Amiibo online below.

  • Blathers — $9.56
  • Celeste — $10
  • Cyrus — $10.50
  • Digby — $13.49
  • Isabelle (winter) — $11.33
  • Isabelle (summer) — Sold out
  • K.K. Slider, Mr. Resetti, and Rover 3-Pack — $18
  • Kapp’n — $11.28
  • Kicks — $14
  • Lottie — $5.10
  • Mabel — $7.23
  • Reese — $10
  • Resetti — $9
  • Rover — $15
  • Timmy & Tommy — $9.49
  • Tom Nook — $9

If you’re looking for the Amiibo cards, those are still relatively easy to find online, though the New Leaf “welcome” Amiibo card are unavailable at most major retailers. These listings are for booster packs, which provide you with six random cards from the series.

  • Animal Crossing Amiibo cards series 1 — $12.22
  • Animal Crossing Amiibo cards series 2 — $9
  • Animal Crossing Amiibo cards series 3 — $10.42
  • Animal Crossing Amiibo cards series 4 — $10
  • Animal Crossing Amiibo cards series 1-4 pack — $40

Though familiar Amiibo are making a comeback for New Horizons, plenty of brand-new Animal Crossing merchandise is on the horizon, too. Retailers also have exclusive pre-order bonuses, so make sure to check out our New Horizons pre-order guide if you haven’t ordered your copy yet.

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