Minecraft Dungeons: Creeping Winter DLC And Free Daily Trials Coming In September

Minecraft Dungeons will receive an update on September 8, and it’ll bring two major additions to the base game. One will be a new piece of paid DLC, while the other is a free update available to all players across Xbox One, PC, Switch, and PS4.

The DLC pack is called Creeping Winter, and as you might expect it brings an icy chill to the world of Minecraft Dungeons. New enemies and environments will be added to the game, alongside weapons, armor, and artifacts for you to find. Expect slippery, icy environments that will be more difficult to navigate.

The game’s first DLC, Jungle Awakens, arrived in July.

The free update, arriving on the same day, adds new merchants and a Daily Trials feature. The merchants can be found across the game’s biomes, and once rescued they’ll return to camp to sell items to you. Merchants include the Blacksmith (who can upgrade items) and the Gift Wrapper (who lets you send gifts to other players).

Daily Trials are, basically, what they sound like–a new daily challenge that will provide experimental sections for you to play through and conquer.

A physical release for the game, including both DLC packs, has also been announced. The “Hero Edition” will release on September 8, too, and will be available on Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.

Minecraft Dungeons is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox One. The game received a 7/10 in GameSpot’s review. Critic Steve Watts wrote: “Rather than shift our expectations of what games can be, it’s banking on its own popularity to introduce younger players to a classic genre and serves as a short-but-sweet treat for looter vets. It scratches the dungeon-crawler itch with a sense of goofy charm and expands what Minecraft can be.”

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