How To Get To Crown Tundra In Sword And Shield's New DLC

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra expansion is finally here. Like The Isle of Armor expansion before it, this DLC introduces a wealth of additional Pokemon and other content to the Switch games, including a brand-new area to explore: the eponymous Crown Tundra, an arctic region featuring its own storyline, cast, and wild Pokemon to catch.

As was the case with the Isle of Armor, the Crown Tundra is separate from Galar proper. You don’t need to clear the main storyline in Sword and Shield to be able to access it, but you will need to have a particular item and speak to a certain character to reach the new area and content. Here’s how to get to the Crown Tundra.

How To Access The Crown Tundra

If you already own the Pokemon Sword or Shield Expansion Pass, fire up your copy of the game after installing the latest update and you’ll see a notification that you’ve received the Crown Pass. As you had to do to access the Isle of Armor, you’ll need to return to Wedgehurst Station and show the Crown Pass to the attendant near the gate to take a train to the Crown Tundra. Once you’ve visited the tundra the first time, you’ll be able to fast travel back to it from anywhere in Galar.

How To Purchase The Crown Tundra

Of course, before you can access the Crown Tundra and its new content, you’ll need to purchase the DLC. It’s bundled together along with The Isle of Armor in Sword and Shield’s Expansion Pass, which can be downloaded from the Switch eShop for $30 USD.

If you’ve yet to pick up the DLC, be aware that each version has its own corresponding Expansion Pass; if you have Pokemon Sword, for instance, you’ll need to specifically purchase the Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass. The underlying story and content is the same between both versions, but there are a handful of version-exclusive Pokemon in each game. Nintendo is also releasing physical copies of Sword and Shield bundled with their respective Expansion Pass starting November 6.

If you’re just diving into the new DLC, you’ll be investigating many new and returning Legendary Pokemon in the Crown Tundra, including Calyrex, which you’ll need to reunite with its loyal steed. You’ll also discover two new Legendary giants, Regieleki and Regidrago. You can read more about the expansion’s new features and Pokemon in our roundup of everything we know about the Crown Tundra DLC.

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